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Email is "king": 1 Faculty/Staff
Email begins with "king": 9 Faculty/Staff
Email contains "king": 29 Faculty/Staff

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Faculty/Staff: Email is "king"

James R King206 543-1150king@uw.edu

Faculty/Staff: Email begins with "king"

Adam King206 744-3287kinga23@uw.edu
Alyssa Danielle King425 352-5030kinga22@uw.edu
Ivan R. King206 985-4027kingi@uw.edu
Kaylin A. King206 598-7770kingk9@uw.edu
Kevin M King206 543-4781kingkm@uw.edu
Marylynn Kingkingmary@uw.edu
Patricia King206 543-1240kingp2@uw.edu
Patricia S King206 744-9004kingt@uw.edu
Susan Kingstonkingst1@uw.edu

Faculty/Staff: Email contains "king"

Gloria Alvaran206 598-8357working@uw.edu
Jack Enneking206 221-0611enneking@uw.edu
Ashleigh Hosking206 598-4449hoskinga@uw.edu
Megan K Ingram206 616-7197mkingram@uw.edu
Blake King206 598-6928bpking@uw.edu
Bryan H King206 987-1837bhking@uw.edu
Colleen King206 616-4021cmrking@uw.edu
David R. King206 685-9439
206 685-8869
Diane M King206 221-3652dking@uw.edu
Elizabeth King206 897-1882eliking@uw.edu
Eric King206 744-9682evking@uw.edu
Fred King253 692-4754fwking@uw.edu
Gregory J King206 543-5788gking@uw.edu
Irene King206 744-3590iking@uw.edu
John King206 616-6392
425 286-0778
Kimberly D. King206 598-8124
206 598-8130
Lesley Kingleking5@uw.edu
Mary Alice King206 987-1112
206 987-2170
Mary-Claire King206 616-4294mcking@uw.edu
Matt King206 616-2416
617 470-3411
Suzanne King206 744-3220
206 744-5997
Suzanne S Kingszking1@uw.edu
Tiffany King206 543-7520tiffking@uw.edu
Kasey E Kingham206 744-5694kkingham@uw.edu
Julia A Kingrey206 744-8389
206 744-3477
Connie Kingry206 616-4301ckingry@uw.edu
Meredith Paige Klackingklacking@uw.edu
Chris G Lockeman206 598-5229saruking@uw.edu
Sabine Mecking206 221-6570mecking@uw.edu

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