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Email is "jwh": 1 Faculty/Staff
Email begins with "jwh": 16 Faculty/Staff, 8 Students

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Faculty/Staff: Email is "jwh"

JAMES W. HARRINGTON253 692-5830jwh@uw.edu

Faculty/Staff: Email begins with "jwh"

JOANN W. GILLES206 598-6508
206 598-3497
Jeffrey W. Hansen206 543-2710
206 221-2731
Wally Hansenjwh03@uw.edu
JOAN W HANSON206 543-5440jwhanson@u.washington.edu
JEFF WESLEY HARLAN206 598-3799jwh000@uw.edu
John W. Holmes206 616-8430
206 543-2060
Jeremy W Holt206 543-9754jwholt@uw.edu
Joseph Huehnerhoff206 616-2609jwhueh@uw.edu
Jennifer Kapur206 744-5007
206 744-3096
Jamie Wheir206 598-6054
206 598-6060
John (Jack) Whelan206 261-2495
206 543-4369
Jaime L. White253 692-5988jwhite15@uw.edu
John White206 221-5957jwhite3@u.washington.edu
JOHNNA E. WHITE206 685-2940jwhite23@uw.edu
Joyce B Whitson206 598-4616jwhitson@u.washington.edu
James C Whorton206 616-1817jwhorton@u.washington.edu

Students: Email begins with "jwh"

James Warren Harmonjwh5@u.washington.edu
Johnathan Wayne Hill360 324-2972jwhill07@u.washington.edu
Jeffrey Mitchell Whaley360 391-2000jwhale@u.washington.edu
James William Wheeler IV206 898-6638jwheel88@u.washington.edu
John Douglas Whileyjwhiley2@u.washington.edu
Joshua Richard White360 589-6736jwhite2154@gmail.com
Jeffrey Richard Whitehill206 552-3139jwhitehi@u.washington.edu
Julian Jonn Nilsson Whitford206 714-6657jwhit4d@u.washington.edu

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