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Email is "jcha": 1 Faculty/Staff
Email begins with "jcha": 8 Faculty/Staff, 11 Students
Email contains "jcha": 4 Students

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Faculty/Staff: Email is "jcha"

James C HA206 543-7494jcha@u.washington.edu

Faculty/Staff: Email begins with "jcha"

Jody Chafee206 318-6519
206 818-3701
JOHN R. CHAFFEE253 839-3030jchaffee@uwpn.org
James D Chalupnik206 543-5397
206 543-5090
John Chapman206 543-3860jchapman@uw.edu
John P Charlton206 543-0176jcharltn@uw.edu
JANE CORKERY HAHN206 616-3445jchahn@u.washington.edu
JUSTIN C HANjchan13@uw.edu
Julie C. Smithjchant@u.washington.edu

Students: Email begins with "jcha"

Jennifer Sunmi Cha253 970-5201jcha92@u.washington.edu
Joohoon Cha267 368-3303jcha0713@u.washington.edu
Jacky Chan206 245-3223jchan1@u.washington.edu
Jenny Ann Chan503 997-3689jchan89@u.washington.edu
Jenny Jane Chan206 225-5628jchan35@u.washington.edu
John J Chang253 334-3926jcha224@u.washington.edu
Joseph Chang415 999-0950jchang89@u.washington.edu
Jason Thanh Chau360 338-1293jchau22@u.washington.edu
Julian James Chavez-Gamez509 855-2055jchave2@u.washington.edu
James Christopher Hamilljchamill@u.washington.edu
JUSTIN C HAN206 335-3966jchan13@uw.edu

Students: Email contains "jcha"

Kevin Jooyoung Cha408 482-2420kjcha96@u.washington.edu
Myungjin Cha269 779-8356mjcha@u.washington.edu
Kevin Chang425 443-7401kjchang@u.washington.edu
Mary-Jean Chasemjchase@u.washington.edu

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