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Email is "gil": 1 Faculty/Staff
Email begins with "gil": 15 Faculty/Staff
Email contains "gil": 38 Faculty/Staff

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Faculty/Staff: Email is "gil"

Carlos B Gilgil@uw.edu

Faculty/Staff: Email begins with "gil"

Niimrod Gil206 616-4380
206 434-1315
THOMAS GILBERT206 616-7184gilbertt@uw.edu
TOREY J GILBERTSON206 221-0684gilbet@uw.edu
Christopher N Gilbreth206 685-9781
949 375-0505
Peter Giles206 616-2304gilesp@uw.edu
CHERYL R GILGEgilge@uw.edu
Jagdeep S Gillgillendo@uw.edu
Megan M. Gillespiegillesp@uw.edu
Rose Gillis206 744-9639gillis11@uw.edu
Steven B Gillispie206 543-0460gillisp@uw.edu
Shannon Gilmore206 616-2835gilmore5@uw.edu
Donna Gilomen206 685-2710gilomen@uw.edu
Natalia V. Giltiay(Giltyay)giltiayn@uw.edu
Giles W. Goetzgilesg@uw.edu
Gillian L O'Bryan206 685-8466
240 444-0098

Faculty/Staff: Email contains "gil"

KIMA CARGILL253 692-4544
253 692-4450
Sucheol Gil206 543-0109sgil01@uw.edu
Linda R Gilbert253 692-4785lgilbert@uw.edu
Theresa M. Gilbert206 221-4039tmgilb@uw.edu
Amy S Giles206 221-8999amygiles@uw.edu
Mary Giles206 616-4001mgiles@uw.edu
Shirley Giles206 819-9468sgiles99@uw.edu
Amar Gill206 543-5316amargill@uw.edu
Mandy Gill206 616-3241mkgill@uw.edu
Sean R Gill206 543-9995srgill@uw.edu
Sharon Gillskgill@uw.edu
Tony Gill206 543-2780tgill@uw.edu
Wayne Gillam206 221-7595
206 349-2802
Michele Gillaspie206 616-3486michgill@uw.edu
JOANN W. GILLES206 598-6508
206 598-3497
Diane Gillespie425 352-5415
425 352-5350
Michael Gillespiemgillesp@uw.edu
Rob Gillespie206 616-9382jrgilles@uw.edu
Courtney A Gilliam206 987-2525cgilliam@uw.edu
Jill Gillman206 543-5844jillgill@uw.edu
Maria Gillman206 543-6208mgill@uw.edu
Hannah M. Gilman206 543-2642hgil@uw.edu
Sheila B Giltzow206 543-8301sgiltzow@uw.edu
DANIEL LANGILLE206 991-8692langille@uw.edu
David B Magill206 598-6483dbmagill@uw.edu
Lynn Magill206 221-8082lmagill@uw.edu
Jim McGill206 685-7097jmcgill@uw.edu
Keri McGill206 543-8135kmcgill@uw.edu
Ira Emil Castro Ogilvieogilvi2@uw.edu
Amy Pangilinan206 221-9205apangil@uw.edu
BENITA PANGILINAN206 598-0695bpangili@uw.edu
Maritess Sturgillsturgill@uw.edu
Valerie Gillis206 598-9380vgil@uw.edu
Marc Van Gilstvangilst@uw.edu
Kimela Vigil206 744-5416
206 744-3452
Lauren Lee Weyenberg206 685-4749lgill2@uw.edu

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