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Email begins with "cli": 10 Faculty/Staff
Email contains "cli": 13 Faculty/Staff

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Faculty/Staff: Email begins with "cli"

Tess R Clinkingbeard206 719-6507clinkit@uw.edu
Clifford L. Eastman206 897-4943cliff@uw.edu
Clif Edwardsclife@uw.edu
James Gillick206 543-4578
206 543-4368
Clif Johnston206 543-7488
206 406-5501
Chang Li206 543-0109cli1239@uw.edu
Caroline Liou206 616-0130cliou1@uw.edu
Cliff Mountjoy-Venningcliffmv@uw.edu
Clive Pursehouse206 616-2098clivep@uw.edu

Faculty/Staff: Email contains "cli"

Donna M Clifforddcliffor@uw.edu
John G Clifford425 246-4963johnclif@uw.edu
Brad C Clifton206 897-4191bclifton@uw.edu
Patricia J Clifton206 744-9695pjclif@uw.edu
DAWN M. CLINE206 543-5203dmcline@uw.edu
ERICA T CLINE253 692-4556ecline@uw.edu
MARCELLA CLINE206 422-2151marcline@uw.edu
NINGCHENG LI215 882-4419ningcli@uw.edu
W Conrad Liles206 221-6965
206 543-3947
Casey Lionkclion@uw.edu
Qinghang Liu206 685-9133
206 616-8768
Clinton W Piper512 665-1592pclinton@uw.edu
Laura Ratcliff206 616-1778lratclif@uw.edu

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