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Email is "cass": 1 Faculty/Staff
Email begins with "cass": 12 Faculty/Staff
Email contains "cass": 6 Faculty/Staff

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Faculty/Staff: Email is "cass"

Cassandra J Hartnett206 685-3130
206 543-4164

Faculty/Staff: Email begins with "cass"

Cassie Bryancassio87@uw.edu
Julie Ann Casscassj@uw.edu
Ryan D. Cassaday206 606-1202cassaday@uw.edu
John H Cassedaycasseday@uw.edu
Brendan J Cassidy206 221-9094cassidy3@uw.edu
Cassady Glass Hastingscassady@uw.edu
Cassie R. Klingler206 543-0970cassie5@uw.edu
Cassandra Langlois206 598-8402casslang@uw.edu
Cassidy Lane McCrabbcassmc98@uw.edu
Cassandra J. Ogohara206 543-3260cassao@uw.edu
Cassie D Pasquariello206 616-4565cassiep1@uw.edu
Cass Tang206 304-3655casstang@uw.edu

Faculty/Staff: Email contains "cass"

Kathleen Cassels206 521-1599kcassels@uw.edu
Susan L Casselsscassels@uw.edu
Ellen M Cassen206 685-1048ecassen@uw.edu
Brian G. Casserly206 543-5790bcasserl@uw.edu
Morgan E. Cassidy360 271-2923mcassidy@uw.edu
Silvia De Cassan206 616-3206decassan@uw.edu

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