The 140th Annual Ceremony | June 13, 2015 at Husky Stadium

Mobility Impaired

The Mobility Impaired Diagram (PDF) shows the location of the mobility impaired seats. These seats are reserved for guests who may have trouble climbing stairs. Main (100) Level seats are shown in turquoise; Upper (300) Level seats are shown in orange. A limited number of guests may sit with the mobility impaired guest in the MI sections. Please be considerate of your fellow guests when selecting these tickets.

There are five Mobility Impaired sections:

  1. Main (100) Level East
  2. Main (100) Level South
  3. Upper (300) Level East
  4. Upper (300) Level South
  5. Upper (300) Level West

Those with reserved seats in one of these sections will be seated in that section on a general seating basis. Students may order up to six mobility impaired tickets in the Main (100) Level sections and up to ten tickets in the Upper (300) Level sections.

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