The 140th Annual Ceremony | June 13, 2015 at Husky Stadium

Student Instructions

To learn more about your role in the ceremony view the specific instructions below.

Graduates will check in at the Outdoor Practice Facility, just east of the stadium. See the instructions above for the entrance to your lineup area. There will be one entrance for holders of purple tickets and one for holders of gold tickets.  Ticket colors will be assigned when the graduate fills out the Commencement Registration/Order Form. Holders of purple tickets will enter the stadium from the northeast and sit on the north half of the field. Holders of gold tickets will enter from the southeast and sit on the south half of the field.

Seating in the stadium is also organized according to gold and purple tickets.  Parents and guests of graduates with gold tickets should sit on the south side of the stadium.  Parents and guests of graduates with purple tickets should sit on the north side of the stadium  This is illustrated on the Stadium Map.

Ceremony Conduct

Graduate wearing a decorated mortarboard

By participating in commencement you agree to observe the following guideines during the ceremony.

Commencement is intended to be a festive occasion celebrating the accomplishments of our students. However, it is also ceremonial. Students are expected to remain in their seats for the address by our commencement speaker. (Restrooms will be closed at this time.) Wandering around the floor of the stadium and visiting with guests in the stands are prohibited. Cell phones are permitted, but out of courtesy for other participants, students are asked to make judicious use of phones and not use them during the formal speaking portions of the ceremony.

It is particularly important that students respect their fellow students and the faculty, administrators and guests who have come to witness and participate in the conferring of their degrees. For this reason, graduates are expected to return to their seats after they have walked and remain there until all students have walked and the members of the stage party have exited the stage.

Thank you for helping us make the ceremony a memorable one for all. For information about disability accommodations, please visit the ticket and parking pages of this website.

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