UW Commencement

gonfaloniere holding banner
Each year the various schools and colleges select students to lead all the degree candidates during the Commencement procession. These students are called gonfalonieres because they carry the school’s gonfalon, a banner that hangs down from a crosspiece and bears that school’s name and symbol.

The gonfaloniere was a prestigious post in Italian medieval and Renaissance communities. Our gonfalonieres have a record of outstanding achievement at the university.




College of Built Environments

Orion KeithOrion Keith
Orion Keith is graduating with a Masters in Architecture. Growing up in a small community of ninety-nine people on the shore of Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho, he moved to Seattle in 1999. Through almost two decades in the Puget Sound area, he has been lucky enough to find a strong and welcoming community of friends and peers whose support was instrumental in attaining his goals. During his studies at the University of Washington, Orion spent a quarter in Mexico City, learning from local architects and witnessing the depth of culture present there. In 2015, Orion was selected as a ScanDesign Foundation Fellow, giving him the opportunity to study architecture at two prestigious schools in Denmark. Throughout his time in Copenhagen and in Aarhus, his experiences there broadened his view of the built environment, challenged his abilities and opinions, and led to long-term friendships in a small country far away. Whether during his time as an undergraduate in the CBE or his most recent degree, the peers and professors that Orion has been surrounded by at the University of Washington have made this journey exceptional.

Arts & Sciences

Dorothy Cabantan cropDorothy Cabantan
Dorothy Anne Galang Cabantan is receiving a Bachelor of Science in Neurobiology with Departmental Honors, and a minor in Dance. Throughout her time at the UW, Dorothy bridged her passion for art with collective efforts to build inclusive communities. She revitalized the ASUW’s vision to promote its programs and services during her freshman year, having created the “What is ASUW” video as an intern for the Office of Communications and Elections Administration Committee. As a Dawg Daze Team Captain, Pipeline Project Tutor, and Undergraduate Research Leader, Ms. Cabantan has collaborated with many colleagues, faculty, and staff, to help students thrive within and beyond the classroom. Her academic pursuits are shaped immensely by the enriching coursework and invaluable mentorship of her TAs and professors in the neurobiology program, who have inspired her to focus her research interests on dopaminergic neurotransmission, and cerebellar function. As an aspiring physician, she actively seeks to gain deeper insight into the field of medicine, and has volunteered at Seattle Children’s Hospital’s Emergency and Child Life Departments since 2015. She one day hopes to integrate her knowledge of neural systems with an overall goal to provide equitable healthcare for underserved populations. Ms. Cabantan was awarded the Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity Merit Scholarship in 2016, and is a member of the Husky 100 Class of 2017. She extends her deepest gratitude to her parents, Ingo and Ching Cabantan, whose countless sacrifices and immeasurable support underpin her Husky Experience.

Addison FrancisAddison Francis
Addison was born and raised in Kingston, WA, where she resided until the age of 16. After completing sophomore year of high school, she moved to Tacoma to attend the Annie Wright School for her junior and senior years. From a young age, Addison had a passion for singing and eventually became interested in vocal health and the collaboration between the arts and science of the performing voice. Due to the intersections between the UW School of Music and the Speech & Hearing Sciences Departments, she realized the collaboration of both degrees would provide the knowledge and opportunities to learn more about these unique interests. As a student within the School of Music, Addison was awarded the Mu Phi Epsilon Seattle Alumni Endowed Scholarship (2014-2015) and the Wolf Scholarship (2016-2017). As a soloist, Addison was pleased to collaborate with the guitar department and the Campus Philharmonia Orchestras.  As a student within the Speech & Hearing department, Addison has enjoyed serving as the UW-NSSLHA Vice-President during the 2016-2017 academic year. Additionally, she had the opportunity to work as a hearing screener in the Edmonds School District and trained to be a standardized patient to educate medical students about effective communication with those who have a communication disorder.  This fall, Addison is looking forward to attending graduate school at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill School of Medicine, which offers one of the top speech and language departments in the country. She will be pursuing a degree in speech language pathology and continue training within the cross-sections between voice in both fields.

Abbie HansonAbbie Hanson
Abbie is from Longview, Washington and is receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in Disability Studies, with two minors in Education, Learning and Society; and Diversity. Abbie has been accepted and will be attending the University of Washington continually in the fall to earn her Masters in Teaching Low Incidence Special Education. She first knew she wanted to go into special education in high school through her time peer tutoring students with disabilities, and decided to consider majors that would accommodate that after taking the Introduction to Disability Studies fall quarter of her sophomore year. Her cumulative GPA is a 3.6 and she has been an 8-time Dean’s List student. Abbie is very involved in the local disability community, working on campus at the Disability and Deaf Cultural Center and through Seattle Parks and Recreation Specialized Programs. Throughout her time at UW, she has been involved in SEED (Students Expressing Environmental Dedication), Wildlife Society, working for two on-campus dining positions, and tutoring students 18-21 with intellectual disabilities through the Pipeline Seminar. Through parks and rec, she has also coached Special Olympics basketball, bowling, and track. She is very thankful for her time at UW and the many opportunities she has been given to learn about new subjects and grow as an individual. Go dawgs!

Veronica HernandezVerónica Paulina Cedillo Hernandez
Verónica was born in Mexico City, but grew up in the Seattle area.  She has always loved education and the process of learning.  Her experience at the University of Washington has allowed her to develop her passion for language, writing, and theater.  She will be graduating with a double major in English: Creative Writing and Drama and will be the first in her family to receive an undergraduate degree.  During her time as a student, she has participated in various school clubs and has had the opportunity of studying abroad in London.  It was during her study abroad experience that she rediscovered how important words are and the power of storytelling.  In the next upcoming years, she will be pursuing her master’s in the field of cinematography and creative writing.  She hopes that through the medium of performance she will be able to continue to express her family’s history and the stories of other immigrants.  She is very grateful for all of the support her family and friends have given her all these years.

Jenny MasuokaJenny Masuoka
Jenny Sayuri Masuoka is receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Three-Dimensional Forum: Sculpture, with a minor in Art History, and a Bachelor of Arts in American Indian Studies. Born and raised in the Kirkland/Bothell area in Washington, Ms. Masuoka’s time at the Ceramic And Metal Arts Building allowed her to revisit media/techniques she used in her high school art classes, all while continuing to explore and push the boundaries of blending needlework with ceramics. Work from her solo BFA thesis exhibition, Oddments of a Fading Memory, will be featured in Bricolage Literary & Visual Arts Journal Issue 35. A highlight as an undergraduate at UW was being introduced to courses in the American Indian Studies Department, where she got to meet, and work with so many great individuals who ultimately helped her decide where she would like to head next after graduation. Ms. Masuoka would like to return to an academic setting to pursue a master’s degree, and work in an area that promotes diversity and the arts. She would like to thank her family for their continuous support and encouragement.

Achombom TunyiAchombom Jude Tunyi
Jude Tunyi is receiving a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. His family immigrated to the U.S. from Cameroon, Africa when he was 10. He came to the University of Washington to gain the best education so that he can go back and improve the health care conditions of his home country. This led him to get involved in research, science and medicine at UW, which led him to his current major, at the intersection of all three areas. One of his highlights while at UW was doing computational research using molecular simulations which allowed him to travel to different conferences in various cities to present his research and engage with professional scientists. His research allowed him to be the recipient of prestigious awards including the Mary Gates Research Scholarship, the Levinson Emerging Scholar, a McNair Scholar, and Department of Chemistry and Biology Awards. Upon graduation, Jude will perform research at National Institutes of Health as part of a post-bac program before heading to medical school to obtain an MD/PhD in Neuroscience. In the future, he hopes to be able to work clinically with disadvantaged populations as well as to be able to do research to advance the field of neuroscience.

Foster School of Business

Odin AtkinsonOdin Atkinson
Odin Atkinson is receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, with concentrations in Finance and Operations/Supply Chain Management. He will also graduate with a minor in English. Originally from Lake Stevens, Washington, he graduated from Arlington High School in 2013. He is the son of Scott and Marcella Atkinson and the twin brother of Garrett Atkinson, a recent graduate of Whitman College. Odin has endeavored to find valuable opportunities to enrich his UW experience through leadership and service. He has served as president or vice president of three student organizations (Beta Gamma Sigma, the Chess Club, and a student political organization), taught managerial accounting quiz sections and a First Year Interest Group, and helped bring about meaningful change for students as the Chair of General Affairs in the ASUW Student Senate and as a member of the ASUW Finance and Budget Committee. Odin intends to pursue a career in management consulting. Some of Odin’s interests include hiking, chess, and college football. Odin is very grateful to his family, friends, and teachers for enabling his experience as a Husky.

Jamie LeitzkeJamie Leitzke
Jamie Leitzke is receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, with concentrations in Accounting and Finance. Ms. Leitzke was raised in Bellevue, Washington, where she attended public schools, graduating from Bellevue High School in 2012. That fall she was excited to begin her UW journey with a freshman admission to the Foster School of Business. Ms. Leitzke chose to incorporate the global community into her business education by studying aboard at the Rotterdam School of Management in The Netherlands. Outside of academic pursuits, Ms. Leitzke became an active member of the Business Ethics Association, joining as a freshman and serving as the President for the past three years. Ms. Leitzke’s focus on ethics during her time at UW has increased her passion for participating in a business that cares about more than just the bottom-line. Ms. Leitzke will be completing her CPA exams this year and beginning her career at Ernst & Young in the fall. She is very thankful for her family and friends who have always encouraged her. Ms. Leitzke will look back on her time at Foster with the fondest memories and is proud to be an alumna of such a supportive community.


Diane DaubertDiane Daubert
This year marks 35 years since my first graduation from the University Of Washington School Of Dentistry in the baccalaureate program in dental hygiene.  I received a great foundation for the ensuing years of practice and teaching.  I have served for thirty years in the Periodontics Department as a dental hygienist teaching both didactic and clinical courses to our dental students and periodontal residents.   In addition, I got an introduction to dental research in the Regional Clinical Dental Research and was fortunate to have wonderful mentors. Twenty years after my first graduation, I began to realize that my education was not complete.  I enrolled in the Oral Biology Masters of Science for Dental Hygiene Educators.  I graduated from the School of Dentistry for a second time in 2009, and realizing that my education was still not complete, I enrolled directly in the PhD program in Oral Biology.  I am now ready to graduate for the third and final time from the UW School of Dentistry.   I am very grateful for the educational and work opportunities I have had, for the amazing people I work with and learn from, and am excited to continue research and teaching in this fine institution.

Alan Yassin resizeAlaa (Alan) Yassin
I graduated from the dental school at University of Aleppo in Syria 2001. I completed 5 years of oral & maxillofacial surgery training in Damascus hospital leading to MS degree in 2006, followed by 1 year training in dental implantology in Munich-Germany, where I received my diplomate of German Board of Oral Implantology in 2010. I practiced oral surgery in the ancient city of Damascus for 8 years, where I was always hoping to improve my plastic oral surgery skills! In 2013, I moved to the US and decided to accomplish my dream of receiving an outstanding subspecialty training in the field of periodontal surgery. The prestigious reputation of the UW perio department, along with the big names of the faculty team, led me to apply. I was so honored to be accepted in 2014 and the dream came true.

During these amazing 3 years of training, I enjoyed working with my colleagues and learning from our outstanding teachers! I was privileged to work with the wonderful patients of Seattle and Washington state who were cooperative, responsible, friendly and welcoming! I enjoyed getting to learn about their culture and values. I’m proud that I was able to publish several academic papers, and to participate in many dental volunteering events serving WA community and the Syrian refugees in Seattle.

In the future, I am looking forward to settling with my wife and son to focus on taking advantage of my dual training and experience in periodontics and oral surgery to serve the community of Washington State in both private practices and public services.


Sarah EvansSarah Amber Evans
Sarah Amber Evans is a third-generation Seattle resident and the first person in her family to earn a doctoral degree. She previously earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in drama and a Master of Library and Information Science degree at the University of Washington, as well as an elementary education certification from Western Washington University. Sarah worked in public and school libraries for ten years, focusing mostly on the needs of adolescents. This work inspired her to pursue a research degree in learning sciences, a field the examines how people learn across settings, including informal spaces. During her studies, she served two terms as an elected officer in the Associated Students of the College of Education in addition to serving on committees for the American Library Association and the American Anthropology Association. Sarah’s dissertation is an ethnographic case study of public library services for teens in a diverse community of immigrants. Her findings demonstrate how the public library’s unique affordances of space, resources, and people can spark and sustain the voluntary learning of adolescents. Sarah plans to pursue a faculty career committed to excellence in both research and teaching.

Tim Zeng
Tim Zeng
Songtian (Tim) Zeng is a doctoral student in the college’s special education program. Dr. Susan Sandall is his academic advisor. His research interest is to promote whole child development for young children with special needs through evidence-based practices, care provider education, and program quality improvement. Tim has authored and coauthored 7 peer-review journal publications, and has been involved in a number of national research projects. In the past two years, Tim was awarded a 2-year fellowship from the Bamford Foundation to support school transformation in Tacoma. Upon graduation, Tim will be doing a two-year post doc at Michigan State University and continuing to conduct research work to promote the well-being of young children with special needs and their families.


Celina GunnarssonCelina Gunnarsson
What ultimately drew me to bioengineering was not only the cutting-edge research and curriculum content, but the way it allowed me to work at the intersections of very different disciplines to solve biological problems and to help people. Throughout my undergraduate, I’ve enjoyed opportunities to broaden my horizons, both inside and outside bioengineering. In Dr. Ying Zheng’s lab, I developed a blood-brain barrier model for studying cerebral malaria and mentored undergraduate research on 3D-printing for modeling disease vessels. Within the bioengineering department, I was a teaching assistant for a fluid dynamics course, and I worked on a departmental honors project to develop and implement diversity curriculum specific to bioengineers. Outside bioengineering, I competed in and won UW’s 12th Annual Drag Competition, facilitated the Women’s Action Commission’s production of The ____ Monologues and studied abroad in Rome through the Interdisciplinary Honors Program. I am blessed to have found home in welcoming, supportive communities within bioengineering research and within the UW community as a whole. After graduation, I am working full-time in Dr. Zheng’s lab as a research scientist and in the fall will apply to Ph.D. programs with the intent to focus on tissue engineering and biophysics.

Alexis HarrounAlexis Harroun
Alexis Harroun is graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics and Astronautics with Interdisciplinary Honors. Alexis grew up in Federal Way, Washington and discovered her love for aerospace during her time in the Washington Aerospace Scholars program. Ever since, it has been her dream to work on sending more people and scientific missions to explore the solar system. She has been a member of the Society for Advanced Rocket Propulsion (SARP) for three years and was the technical lead of the propulsion team her senior year. During her time on SARP, she has developed hybrid rocket engines for application in the team’s high-powered sounding rocket. She has been the president of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) UW chapter for two years. Alexis is the recipient of the NASA Aeronautics Scholarship, the Robert Max Reynolds Endowed Scholarship, and the NASA Space Grant Scholarship. She has completed internships at NASA Langley Research Center, Boeing, and Blue Origin. Alexis is pursuing a PhD in Aeronautics and Astronautics at Purdue University to study rocket propulsion with the NASA Space Technology Research Fellowship. Alexis ultimately plans to work on developing rocket engines for the launch systems of the future.

Graduate School

NaiChing ChiNaiChing Chi
I am graduating with a PhD in Behavioral Nursing and Health Informatics. I enjoyed the interdisciplinary collaboration environment  at UW. My research focuses on developing interventions and examining technologies to support older adults and their family caregivers. Last year, I also obtained a second master’s degree in Clinical informatics and Patient-Centered Technologies at UW. My Master’s project was to examine a digital pet companion application and explored older adults’ perspectives about health technologies in order to provide recommendations to future designs of elder-friendly wellness technologies

I have been involved in several federal-funded research projects. I have been a member of the HEALTH-E research laboratory and participated in the design, implementation, and evaluation of studies of healthy aging technologies. Additionally, my doctoral dissertation was to develop an educational tool for healthcare providers to support family caregivers’ effort in managing patients’ pain at home hospice care. I am translating the educational tool into an interactive website to support home hospice care. I have co-authored 14 peer-reviewed papers with our research team and have been actively involved in a variety of research projects and conferences with a gerontological and technological focus. My research work was awarded with several scholarships from King County Nurses Association, Sigma Theta Tau International-Psi-at-Large Chapter, Taiwan Ministry of Education, UW Retirement Association Scholarship in Aging, UW Hester McLaws Funds Dissertation Scholarship, UW Top Scholar Award, etc. After graduation, I am going to work as a faculty to continue to my program of research to promote heathy aging and end-of-life care and inspire more students to work in health informatics and gerontology.

Florentina Dedu-ConstantinFlorentina Dedu-Constantin
I am graduating with a PhD in French studies and am proud to be twice a Husky, having earned my MA at UW as well! I grew up in Europe – Prague, Czech Republic, and Bucharest, Romania – where I earned a bachelor in Computer Science. Yet my real passion has always been in the Humanities, particularly French culture and civilization – a passion I was able to pursue after moving to Seattle and becoming a graduate student and TA in the Department of French and Italian studies here at UW. My academic interests are centered on foreignness as alterity in the context of nationalism and the modern state, while my research deals primarily with late 19th and early 20th century French nationalism and contemporaneous responses to it, particularly in the work of Marcel Proust. I was also involved as a Research assistant in an interdisciplinary project developed by the Department of Geography on The Cultural Politics of Food in Quebec, researching food politics as literary form and manifestation. I want to thank my family and professors for their support and inspiration throughout this endeavor.

Joseph BlakeJoseph Blake, Jr.
Joseph Blake is graduating with a Master of Fine Arts in Dance. Prior to attending the University of Washington, Joseph performed with NOW-ID Interdisciplinary Dance Company (Salt Lake City, UT), Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company (UT), Loudhound Dance Movement (NYC) and Tandy Beal & Company (CA). While at the UW he received a grant from the Campus Sustainability Fund to develop an exhibit that featured dance and photography to illuminate sustainability issues; the works have been on display in Meany Center for the Performing Arts Gallery since October 2016. For four quarters Joseph served as Artist-in-Residence for “Disability, Education, and the Arts” in the College of Education. His research over the last two years has consisted of working with Dance for Parkinson’s Disease/Seattle Theatre Group and Yoga Behind Bars; presenting his own works at local galleries; and performing with UW’s Chamber Dance Company, Stephanie Liapis, and international artist, Senga Nengudi at the Henry Art Gallery. In two weeks following graduation, Joseph will be leaving for South America and South East Asia on a Bonderman Travel Fellowship.

Andy HermanAndy Herman
Andy Herman is receiving a Master of Science in Information Management with specializations in Information Security and Consulting. He was born in Seoul, South Korea and grew up in Las Vegas. Mr. Herman received his undergraduate degree in Microbiology from the University of Washington in 2011. After briefly attending medical school, Mr. Herman’s goal shifted to pursue a career in healthcare cybersecurity. While attending the iSchool, Mr. Herman co-founded the ISACA Student Group Chapter at UW to provide opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to interact with cybersecurity professionals. He also served as the Vice President of the Association of Information Management Students (AIMS) group. Mr. Herman is grateful for the support and encouragement from his parents, Yong and Min Herman and his siblings – Anthony and Nicole. Mr. Herman is also thankful to the iSchool faculty, staff and his cohort, who continued to motivate and support him through the program. Mr. Herman intends to continue his career in cybersecurity and risk management and hopes to work with other professionals to contribute to the development of compliance frameworks to protect private data of consumers.

Information School

Brittney HoyBrittney Hoy
Growing up in a small suburban town in New Jersey, she looked forward to the exciting new world that Seattle had to offer. While at UW, she has made the most of her experience here by staying involved with extracurriculars and giving back to the community. Joining Informatics was one of the best decisions she’s made in the 4 years while attending the University of Washington. She chose Informatics for its rich user-centered ideals for both development and design, its wide spectrum of career opportunities, and its welcoming community.

Diversity and inclusion are incredibly important to her, which led her to accept the role of president for Women in Informatics (Winfo), with the mission of bringing more women into the technology industry by providing professional panels and various networking opportunities. One of her biggest accomplishments was pioneering the largest Winfo hackathon to date.

Informatics allowed her to explore her passions in technology and build friendships that will last a lifetime. After graduation, she will be working at the Walt Disney Company as a Software Engineer in Seattle, Washington.

Jonathan LiJonathan Peilong Li

Jonathan Li is graduating with his Bachelor of Science in Informatics. Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Jonathan decided to pursue Informatics due to his love for building innovative technology solutions that solve social problems. Additionally, he was drawn to the strong collaborative community and holistic style of the program. Since being admitted to the Informatics program, he has been heavily involved in the community. He strongly values an inclusive community, so he has been working to promote this as the president of the Informatics Undergraduate Association. His passion for technology has helped to shape his experience in the Information School, and hopes to continue learning and contributing towards technologies that impact society. Another hobby is piano composition, and plans to continue down that path during his free time. Education is a large driver for him, and he has enjoyed having the opportunity of being a teaching assistant for multiple courses and participating in furthering his fellow students’ educations. He will be working as a Software Engineer at T-Mobile after graduating, and hopes to eventually return to graduate school to further his education.

School of Law

Olga Barajas
I was born and raised in Seattle and went to UW for my undergrad as well. I’m a daughter of Mexican immigrants and I wanted to become an attorney from a young age after witnessing how minorities were taken advantage of at times. While attending UW as an undergrad, I worked at a criminal defense firm which only confirmed my desire to pursue a legal career after seeing how many individuals needed legal help.  I never imagined how attending law school would change my perspective on everything in life and how much of a privilege it is. I will continue my legal career in estate planning, in addition to serving minorities in the Pacific Northwest.

School of Medicine

Allison Pringle


School of Nursing

Michelle YipMichelle Yip
Michelle Yip is receiving a Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Science with Statistics Concentration. She is honored to be a three-time Husky and the first in her family to attain a doctorate degree.

Michelle has an interest in gerontology and health services and systems research. The most valuable experiences in her nursing program were the positive learning environment at School of Nursing and the opportunities of working with internationally-recognized researchers in high-level research.

While studying at the UW, Michelle was awarded with several scholarships, including de Tornyay Center for Healthy Aging Research Scholarship. She has served the School of Nursing’s Diversity Committee, where she worked with faculty, staff and students to promote equity and inclusiveness. Michelle is also proud to be a founding member of the Northwest Chapter of National Gerontological Nursing Association and a member of Sigma Theta Tau International – Honor Society of Nursing. Michelle’s professional aspiration is to improve older adult care by furthering her research in long-term care.

Michelle is grateful to her professors, staff, and colleagues at School of Nursing for their endless support and encouragement. She is thankful for her family and friends who have supported her through the journey in pursuing higher education.

College of the Environment

Robert SwanRobert Swan
Robert is from Redmond, Washington. He enjoys spending his leisure time gardening, hiking, camping, and fishing. He chose to pursue Environmental Science due to his lifelong love of the outdoors, the natural world, and a belief that the more knowledgeable we become about our natural world, the more well-equipped we are to manage it. He has enjoyed the emphasis on active learning in his major, with internships, lab excursions, hands-on training, and field trips comprising some of his fondest memories and best experiences. He also greatly enjoys the many kind, talented, and passionate people he has had the opportunity to work and learn with throughout his time at UW. He would also like to extend his gratitude to his family for their unending support and love. He will begin his graduate studies in the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences here at the University of Washington in autumn of 2017. He will be working with the Stand Management Cooperative, studying sustainable forest management.


Anastasia BaideAnastasia Baide
Anastasia Baide is originally from Butte, Montana and graduated from Gonzaga University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She continued to pursue her education at the University of Washington School of Pharmacy. Anastasia is graduating with a Doctor of Pharmacy and plans to begin her journey as a community pharmacist and further explore various avenues in the field of pharmacy. She is a very determined, energetic and passionate individual who enjoys interacting with patients, and looks forward to making a positive impact on healthcare and the community.Anastasia would like to thank her family and friends for their utmost support, encouragement, and love throughout this challenging and exciting experience. She is excited to begin the next chapter of her life as a pharmacist and will continue to strive to demonstrate excellence in leadership, service, communication, and patient care. Anastasia is more than ready to make her dream a reality.

Evans School of Public Policy & Governance

Viviana GarzaViviana Garza
Viviana, originally from Arcadia, California, is graduating from the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance with a Master in Public Administration and served as the Evans School Organization (ESO) President.  Viviana sought a program focused on both management and policy and found that the Evans School fit that goal perfectly, where she concentrated on leadership, management, equity, and women’s rights.  While in school, she has been the Program Coordinator of the UW Women’s Center’s Alene Moris National Education for Women’s Leadership Institute and the graduate intern for Seattle Department of Transportation’s Office of Equity and Economic Inclusion.  She has worked to promote equity, advocacy, mental health awareness, and professional development opportunities for students through her role as ESO President.  As the liaison between the Evans School student body and the administration, Viviana represented the student voice within matters relating to institutional culture such as faculty hiring and curriculum changes.  She also wrote a teaching case to provide students the opportunity to discuss race, equity, and leadership in the classroom surrounding police accountability and the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore.  Viviana is thankful to be named an Evans School Fellow, Mortar Board Alumni/Tolo Foundation Scholar, and Hispanic Scholarship Fund Scholar this year.  Viviana has a passion for using art as a vehicle for policy change, and looks to the intersection of movements and genres to build community and systemic change.  In the future, she is considering using her skills as a chief of staff for a progressive politician, or running for office herself.

Jacqueline WuJacqueline Ellen Wu
Jacqueline Wu is a first generation graduate student – her father hails from Shanghai, China, and her mother from Samar, Philippines. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jacqueline was cognizant of her intersecting identities as a low-income lesbian woman of color growing up. Jacqueline’s awareness fueled her passion to become involved with her community; leading her to pursue a Master in Public Administration. During her first year at the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance, Jacqueline was one of the founders of the Evans People of Color, a student organization dedicated to the advancement and development of students of color. In her second year, Jacqueline was elected Vice President of Advocacy for the Evans Student Organization, her program’s student body government. Jacqueline has interned for the U.S. Consulate General of Shanghai, Senator Patty Murray, and the Seattle Police Department. Throughout her two years at the Evans School, Jacqueline was also a teaching assistant for the Department of American Ethnic Studies. Outside of the UW, Jacqueline is President of OCA-Asian Pacific American Advocates, a civil rights organization advocating for Asian and Pacific Islander Americans.

Jacqueline dedicates her degree to her grandmother, her parents, and her ancestors. Salamat po. 謝謝

School of Public Health

Nguyen HuynhNguyen Huynh
Nguyen Huynh is receiving a Bachelor of Science in Public Health. He was born and raised in Renton, WA after his family immigrated here from Vietnam. Mr. Huynh became interested in Public Health through his experiences in the Summer Medical and Dental Education Program where he learned about social determinants of health and health disparities. His experiences volunteering, studying abroad in Thailand, and his coursework highlighted careers in health that would help him combine advocacy, education, and policy. During his time at the University of Washington, Mr. Huynh has served as a Resident Adviser in Haggett Hall, the Undergraduate Community Building Officer for the Student Public Health Association, and as the outgoing ASUW Student Health Consortium Director.  For post graduate plans, Mr. Huynh has accepted an offer with Teach for America to teach Secondary Biology in the Bay Area. Mr. Huynh aspires to work in the health field with underserved communities as a primary care physician. Mr. Huynh would like to thank all his family, friends, and professors for their support and encouragement that has enabled him to be succeed and get to where he is today.

School of Social Work

Justine Cruise-RobinsonJustine Gail Cruise-Roberson
Justine Gail Cruise-Roberson is receiving a Masters in Social Work with a concentration in Mental Health. Before entering the School of Social Work, she worked for five years as a labor and community organizer in Chicago. Returning to her lifelong passion for equitable access to mental healthcare, she came to the University of Washington seeking to unify the organizing skill she’d gained with a deeper understanding of healthcare systems and approaches to wellbeing. During her time at the School of Social work, she served as a Writing Consultant and a Northwest Leaders in Behavior Health Fellow. As she continues her work with children and young adults, she is appreciative that these opportunities allowed her to collaborate with the dedicated students and faculty at this school. She is honored to build and share her knowledge of mental healthcare in the tradition of her grandmothers, Gloria Cruise and Leila Roberson, who devoted their paid and unpaid labor to the wellbeing of their communities. She is grateful to her incredible parents, brilliant sisters, and beautiful family (blood and chosen) for their trust and support in this journey.