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Faculty apparel

UW Commencement

Ordering apparel

Faculty may order apparel for Commencement and all school, college and departmental events through our RSVP/regalia order form. (The form is currently closed but will open soon.)

Rental regalia consists of a black sussex gown, appropriate tam or mortarboard, and degree appropriate hood with your school colors.  The one exception is UW PhDs who will be supplied with UW regalia. Individual items (e.g. tam only, hood only) may be ordered separately.  Orders placed by May 8 are guaranteed to have appropriate hood colors. Any orders received after May 8 may be supplied with a generic UW hood.

Payment for apparel

Some schools and departments cover the rental costs for all faculty.  If you are not in one of those schools or departments, but your school has authorized you to use a budget number to pay for your rental, you can provide us that budget number when you fill out the RSVP/Regalia order form. If you are paying for the regalia yourself, payment will be taken when picking up your apparel.

Rental costs for all those participating in the Commencement ceremony at Husky Stadium will be covered by the Office of Ceremonies. However, you must check in on Commencement Day. Marshals check in at the Touchdown Terrace. Members of the academic procession check in at one of the two Faculty/Disability entrances when entering the line up area. Failure to check in will result in your being charged (or your department being charged) for the rental.

Change/cancel your order

Return to the RSVP/regalia order form and simply update your record and re-submit. Note: Once an order ships, payment is required, so please change or cancel by midnight May 8 to avoid paying.

Faculty participating in the Husky Stadium Commencement Ceremony are not charged for renting regalia. Faculty may rent a full set (gown, hood, and tam/mortarboard) and receive the tam or mortarboard for free. If you choose to order individual pieces, you will be responsible for paying for the items.

Pick up

For orders placed by May 8 pick up at:

Husky Stadium (Jim Houston Boardroom)
May 30 – June 3
11:00 am – 7:00 pm

Orders placed after May 8 may arrive late. Faculty ordering after May 8 will be contacted when their regalia arrives. Pickup will continue to be at Husky Stadium until Friday, June 9 and Saturday, June 10. On those dates, faculty pickup will be at the University Book Store.


June 10 (Commencement participants only)
Husky Stadium

June 12 – 14
Husky Stadium
11:00 am – 7:00 pm

Faculty pricing

Faculty participating in the University of Washington Commencement Ceremony are not charged for renting regalia. Faculty may rent a full set (gown, hood, and tam/mortarboard) and receive the tam or mortarboard for free or order individual pieces at the prices listed below.

Complete sets

  • Ph.D. set (gown, hood, tam): $76.00
  • Professional degree (M.D., J.D., D.D.S., PharmD) set (gown, hood, tam or mortarboard): $76.00
  • Master’s set  (gown, hood, tam or mortarboard): $63.00
  • Bachelor’s set (gown,bachelor’s hood, tam or mortarboard): $54.00

Separate items

  • Doctoral gown: $38.00
  • Doctoral hood: $38.00
  • Doctoral tam: $31.00
  • Master’s gown: $32.00
  • Master’s hood: $32.00
  • Master’s tam: $31.00
  • Bachelor gown: $27.00
  • Bachelor hood: $27.00
  • Bachelor tam: $31.00
  • Mortarboard: $8.50