The 140th Annual Ceremony | June 13, 2015 at Husky Stadium

Academic Apparel for Faculty

Faculty ordering

  • Order: Academic apparel can be ordered via the Faculty RSVP/Order Form. Orders after May 10th are not guaranteed (may require generic hood).
  • Pick up: Pick up apparel at the University Book Store, June 2 – June 7, during normal Book Store hours.
  • Return: Return apparel at the University Book Store, June 6 – June 17.

Ordering Apparel

Faculty may order apparel for Commencement and all School, College and departmental events through our online Ceremony RSVP/Regalia Order Form. Changes or cancellations can be accomplished by returning to the form and changing your prior submission.  Once an order ships we are required to pay for it, so cancellations must take place by midnight, May 10, to avoid payment.

To guarantee that you will have the appropriate colors in your hood we must receive your order by midnight, May 10. You may order after that date but it might be necessary to supply you with a generic UW hood.

Rental gowns are black Sussex gowns. The custom doctoral apparel of the school that conferred your degree is not available on a rental basis. However, if you received your Ph.D. from the UW, we will provide you with the custom UW Ph.D. regalia.

Rental Costs for School, College or Departmental Events

Faculty participating in the University of Washington Commencement Ceremony are not charged for renting regalia. Faculty may rent a full set (gown, hood, and tam/mortarboard) and receive the tam or mortarboard for free or order individual pieces at the prices listed below.

  • Ph.D. set (gown, hood, tam): $68.00
  • Professional degree (M.D., J.D., D.D.S., PharmD) set (gown, hood, tam or mortarboard): $68.00
  • Master’s set with tam (gown, hood, tam): $56.00
  • Master’s set with mortarboard (gown, hood, mortarboard): $56.00
  • Doctoral gown: $34.00
  • Doctoral hood: $34.00
  • Doctoral tam: $27.00
  • Master’s gown: $28.00
  • Master’s hood: $28.00
  • Master’s tam: $27.00
  • Mortarboard: $8.50
  • Bachelor regalia
    • Bachelor gown: $27.00
    • Mortarboard: $8.50

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