Office of Global Affairs

International Tuition Waivers

The State of Washington has made 300 quarters of tuition waivers available to support international student exchanges and international students with the primary emphasis of creating international opportunities for Washington residents. Tuition waivers for international graduate students, who attend the University of Washington as part of a degree program, or as part of a specialized fellowship program like Fulbright, are managed by the Office of Fellowships and Awards in the Graduate School. For more information on these tuition waivers please visit

laptop2Tuition waivers for international students who visit the UW as part of a formal exchange are managed by the Office of International Programs and Exchanges. Formal student exchanges between the UW and our international partners are those established by signed, bilateral Agreements. For more information about tuition waivers for visiting international exchange students, please contact the Office of International Programs and Exchanges at