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January 9, 2014

Studying world’s largest carnivores, scientists call for preservation

Together with colleagues from the US, Australia, Italy, and Sweden, UW’s Dr. Aaron Wirsing recently co-authored a review paper on the world’s largest carnivores. The co-authors examined 31 of the Earth’s largest meat-eaters and highlighted their important ecological roles. Read more from UW Today…

January 6, 2014

NPR pundit highlights Dept. of Classics ‘War Games’ course

Classics professor Sarah Stroup’s ‘War Games‘ course examines Greek athletic games and Roman gladiatorial battles, proposing that many modern team sports descend from these ancient, winner-takes-all contests. Sports commentator Frank DeFord of NPR interviewed Professor Stroup, and UW football players who took the course, for an opinion piece. Read more and listen…

December 17, 2013

Global public good? Examining strategies to combat global warming

UW researchers led a three-year project bringing together scholars from diverse disciplines to consider new geoengineering techniques designed to counteract the effects of climate change. Read more from UW Today…

November 20, 2013

UW researchers ask what works in global digital activism

Examining hundreds of international news stories, UW researchers identified and studied over 400 well-documented cases where digital activism was used to affect social change. The study found that digital activism is most effective when social media tools and street-level organization are used in concert. Read more from UW Today…

July 11, 2013

Students engage in a Spanish community through storytelling

Dr. Anna Witte leads the dynamic Spanish Children’s Literature: Creative Reading, Writing and Storytelling study abroad program at the UW Leon Center in northwestern Spain. The Center is housed in the 16th century tower of El Palacio del Conde Luna, a gothic palace that was formerly the seat of the Kingdom of Leon and today hosts a

June 25, 2013

Provost’s Grant enhances Zambia study abroad program

Learn more about funding for faculty and programs! Grant applications are due April 11. A Provost’s Grant from the Office of Global Affairs will further enrich an exciting UW study abroad program to Zambia in summer 2013. Developed and led by Dr. Leslie Ashbaugh, Director of UW Bothell’s Center for University Studies and Programs, the month-long interdisciplinary program began

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