Office of Global Affairs

Global campus photo contest

Over 100 UW students, faculty, staff and alumni participated this year, demonstrating the diversity and creativity of our globally-engaged community. UW Study Abroad Fair participants voted for their favorites. Here are the winning photos and honorable mentions.

2016-17 Winners

Rainbow mountain

by Tammy Tarhini, anthropology and biology major
Vinicunca Mountain, Cusco, Peru
Tammy Tarhini photo
Photographer’s statement: After a brutal high altitude hike where we trekked up to 16,500 feet, we were rewarded by the stunning view that awaited us.

20,000 Red shrines at Fushimi Inari-taisha Temple

by Judy Jow, interdisciplinary visual arts major
Kyoto, Japan
Judy Jow photo
Photographer’s statement: This photo was taken in Fushimi Inari-taisha temple. There are more than 20 thousand red shrines in that area. Japanese and some tourists will wear kimonos to the temple, (as tradition) when they go.

Monkey at Swayambunath Temple

by Daniel Kim, pre-engineering major
Taken during the Critical Development Studies Exploration Seminar in Kathmandu, Nepal
Daniel_Kim photo
Photographer’s statement: Swayambunath, a well-known temple overlooking the city, was swarming with people, dogs, and monkeys. The monkeys seemed the most nonchalant of any of the visitors that day, although one of them was a bit startled when I pointed my camera its way.

2016-17 Honorable mentions

Waterfront scene at a park

by Varsha Govindaraju, J.D. candidate, School of Law
Manila, Philippines
Varsha Govindaraju photo
Photographer’s statement: This is in Manila, Philippines, a waterfront scene at a park.

Leap into the 21st century

by Raphael Gaultier, business major
Taken while participating in the Sciences Po exchange program in Paris, France
Raphael_Gaultier photo
Photographer’s statement: This photo was taken in the financial district in Paris’ downtown. A lot of people don’t think of Paris as having a downtown, or even know that it exists for that matter. It’s a place that’s marking the future and innovation in Paris, even though the old city remains. This picture, for me, represents the leap that Paris is making into the 21st century to retain its elegance and beauty in a rapidly changing world.

Laughing with a monk

by Aidan Galassetti, pre-public health major
Taken during the Psychosocial and Community Health Exploration Seminar in Sakon Nakhon province, Thailand
Aidan Galassetti photo
Photographer’s statement: This was taken during an Exploration Seminar in Thailand. Here our group is laughing with a monk who specializes in alternative medicine and hospice care. Definitely one of the happiest and inspiring people we met on the entire adventure.