Office of Global Affairs

Italy – Sardinia

Time difference between Seattle and Italy is 9+ hours ahead.

Dialing Instructions

Country code: 39-41

Calling the US from Sardinia, Italy is 001-US Phone #

Calling Sardinia, Italy from the US is 011-39-41-#

Local Emergency Numbers

Local 911 equivalent is 112

Police: 112 or 118

Fire: 112 or 115

Medical: 112 or 113

US Embassy

Name: US Embassy Rome

Address: via Vittorio Veneto 121 – 00187 Roma

Phone: 39-06-46741

After-hours Phone: 39-06-46741

Twitter: @AmbasciataUSA


US Consulate

Name and Location: US Consulate General Naples

Phone: 081-583-8221




Name: Alghero – Riviera del Corallo Airport

Airport Code: AHO

Phone: +39 079 935282


Additional Information: Airport is located on the west end of Sardinia