Student Abroad Insurance FAQ’s

What does the policy cover?

Medical expenses; medical, security and natural disaster evacuation services; accidental death & dismemberment benefits; repatriation of remains; and travel assistance services, including a bedside visit. For full details see the insurance plan brochure.

What’s not covered?

Injuries or loss arising from participation in professional sports, scuba diving, hang gliding, parachuting, bungee jumping, driving without a valid license or traveling in non-commercial aircraft; pregnancy, if conception occurs outside coverage dates; vision or dental benefits; over-the-counter drug expenses. For full details see the policy brochure.

Can I cover my family?

Yes, you can purchase the same coverage for your spouse and your dependents younger than 19 if they will be accompanying you abroad. For rates, see the policy brochure. To cover your family remaining in the US, consider the UW Student Plans. If your spouse will be joining you later in your trip, you will need to re-enroll to add your spouse to your policy.

Does this coverage meet the requirements for the EU’s Schengen visa?

Yes, although individual countries within the EU (e.g., France) may have additional visa requirements. If you need a Schengen visa, consult with your UW study abroad advisor BEFORE buying this policy.

To obtain proof of insurance for a Schengen visa, call 1-888-243-2358. HTH Customer Service will create a letter for you and send it out via email the same day. The letter will include the plan benefit limits, your name, dates of coverage, and your insurance ID. You must have already purchased insurance to receive a letter.

Can I get coverage before and after my study abroad program, or for personal travel abroad?


Yes, you are eligible for coverage both two weeks before and two weeks after your program ends. If you will be traveling longer than two weeks, you will need to purchase a separate policy from HTH or the UW student plan. The UW student plans provide lower benefit levels for treatment abroad and require you to pay for treatment and be reimbursed but include US coverage. The individual travel policy from HTH is better for all trips abroad.

What will be paid directly?


HTH has arranged for direct billing with their international network of doctors, hospital and pharmacies. HTH will locate additional providers at your destination if requested. HTH will attempt to arrange direct payment or will provide a guarantee of payment for providers outside their network but you must call them 24 hours in advance to arrange an appointment. Emergency services do not require HTH advance notification.

What will I need to pay for?


In the unlikely event that HTH is unable to arrange direct billing or their payment guarantee is refused, you may need to pay treatment costs at the time of service and be reimbursed. You will also need to pay for vision and dental care, conditions arising from excluded activities, and over-the-counter medications. If you have expenses to submit for reimbursement, follow the instructions on the HTH Student Claim Form.

Is care in the US covered?


No, the UW Study Abroad Insurance plan only covers treatment outside the United States for injuries or illnesses that occur abroad. There is no coverage for treatment of conditions that arise once a student has return to his/her home country, or after the policy term expires. For full details see the policy brochure.

How does this policy work with UW student insurance?


In general, the UW student plans cover care in the US, and the UW study abroad plan covers treatment overseas. To ensure coverage in the US before you go or when you return, consider purchasing both plans. See 1. UW Student Insurance Plans for a more detailed discussion. Note: Keeping insurance coverage in the United States is important. If you experience a medical evacuation and return to the United States, your HTH insurance plan stops coverage upon your return.

What drug costs are covered?


Outpatient prescription drugs including oral contraceptives and devices. However, many prescription drugs in the US are considered over-the-counter drugs in other countries. See the HTH website for information about equivalent drugs in your destination country.

Can I get a premium refund if I withdraw or return earlier than planned from my trip?


No. Once you have purchased the coverage, you will not be able to receive a refund, unless you return for hardship reasons or are required to purchase insurance locally where you are studying. Contact your UW study abroad advisor for more information.

If I am a citizen (primary or dual) of the country where my study abroad will take place, am I eligible for this insurance?


Yes. See the ‘Who is Eligible for Coverage’ section in the brochure for details.

What are the minimum and maximum periods of coverage?


Policy coverage is calculated by total number of days travelling.  You may purchase coverage up until December 31, 2014. For enrollment on or after December 31, 2014, please contact the Global Emergency Manager in the Office of Global Affairs.

Can I purchase a different insurance policy?


Students with personal insurance that covers expenses for emergency evacuation, repatriation of remains, injury, illness or death while participating in study or research abroad can petition for a UW Study Abroad Insurance waiver. If the petition is granted, the student will be exempt from the requirement to purchase the UW Study Abroad Insurance Plan.

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