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The Office of Global Affairs (OGA) serves as a central organizational hub that connects the diverse internal and external networks of scholars, students and community leaders who are interested in international issues. The demand for citizens who understand the complexities of globalization and who possess effective skills for successfully and thoughtfully navigating diverse world cultures will grow rapidly in the coming decades. Universities must strive now to encourage deep and sustained engagement with diverse international communities to promote learning and research with a global impact. Your financial support for OGA will help us prepare our students to be global citizens.

Thank you for your commitment to OGA.

Giving Priorities

Office of Global Affairs Fund for Excellence

This flexible fund allows the OGA Vice Provost to direct support to areas of greatest need. Gifts make it possible to create unique opportunities for students, to award scholarships and fellowships, to support academic programs and to launch important global initiatives at the university.

Rome Center Endowment

The UW Rome Center has been in operation for over 25 years. Over this time period, thousands of UW students have studied at the center. Funds from the endowment will allow continued support for students and academic programs taking place at the Rome Center.

Specific Scholarships

Chester Fritz Endowment

The Chester Fritz Endowment for Undergraduate Scholarships provides support to undergraduate students in the humanities and social sciences who wish to participate in study abroad programs and activities. Such study contributes to the students’ undergraduate majors.

Exploration Seminars Gift Fund

Exploration Seminars take learning out of the classroom and into the real world. Understanding the complex world within and beyond our borders is more critical than ever. These seminars place learning into a global context, offering students the chance to explore intensively a topic outside of the classroom. Started in 2003 with five programs to Belfast, Cape Town, Rome, Cyprus and Cuba, the Exploration Seminars now offer 30 programs on six continents. Support of this fund helps provide the financial resources that lead to life-changing experiences, explorations, and discoveries.

Herbert H. Gowen Endowment II for International Studies

The Herbert H. Gowen Endowment II for International Studies supports a wide range of study abroad programs, departmental faculty and student exchanges in all academic disciplines.

Maurice D. and Lois Schwartz International Studies Endowment

The Maurice D. and Lois Schwartz International Studies Endowment supports and advances program development with an emphasis on Asian languages and literature, and Near Eastern studies. Funds are used to advance study abroad programs as well as faculty and student exchanges.

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