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and around the world

A new model for learning, collaborating and problem-solving — the Global Innovation Exchange (GIX) offers students, faculty and industry professionals the opportunity to make a difference.

So what is GIX? For starters, it’s a first-of-its kind partnership between two leading research universities, the University of Washington and Tsinghua University, with foundational support from Microsoft.

GIX extends beyond the walls of its Seattle-area facilities, attracting participants and encouraging collaboration that is unbound by geography or discipline. Through project-based learning that addresses real-world issues, students, researchers and industry professionals will create solutions to global challenges.

The first planned degree offerings, a dual master's degree and a 15-month master's degree in technology innovation, are just the beginning. Additional graduate and certificate programs will bring together students and professionals, academia and industry, and experts and entrepreneurs from a range of fields.

GIX is designed for visionaries. For trailblazers. For people who want to take learning to a new level — and make a positive impact at the same time.

GIX Introduction