Student Financial Aid

How to pay

While in school

If you are still in school and want to prepay your loan or cancel an upcoming disbursement of your loan, contact the Financial Aid Office. A counselor can help you with repaying or reducing your loan if you no longer need the funds.

When you are no longer in school

Visit your loan servicer’s website to set-up online access to your loan account. This site should give you specific information about how and where to make your monthly loan payments. You should also receive information about how to sign up for an ‘electronic debit account’ (EDA) option to automate making your loan payments. Using this feature will not only ensure that you make timely loan payments (avoiding late fees and other negative consequences of having a past due account), but it may also qualify you for a small interest rate reduction.

If you are unsure who services your loan, check on the National Student Loan Data System for information and links to your Direct Loan Servicer.

Loan servicers