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October 19, 2015

Congress Is Back!

After a one week recess to enjoy Columbus Day, Congress is back in session — the Senate will convene Monday and the House will be back Tuesday. The Senate is back and will be focused on considering S2146, the Stop Sanctuary Policies and Protect Americans Act. It’s a bit looser on the House-side, which will be…

October 9, 2015

Ryan says NO and “Interim Speaker” Idea Being Floated

In a shocking turn of events, McCarthy withdrew himself from the race moments before the caucus was set to vote on the nominees and after making a speech to the caucus that morning as to why he should be Speaker. McCarthy will remain Majority Leader. Additionally, with McCarthy not running for Speaker, the subsequent leadership…

October 8, 2015

McCarthy Not Running for Speaker

In a shocking turn of events, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has announced that he no longer intends to run for Speaker. This morning McCarthy addressed the Caucus as to why he should be elected Speaker and just now, he announced he was no longer running.

October 5, 2015

House GOP Elections Pushed Back

In a move that could spell trouble for current leadership looking to rise in office, current Speaker John Boehner has postponed the House GOP leadership elections from this Thursday, October 8th, until October 29th. The nominees for the Speaker’s positions will be declared on the 8th, but now, the actual election will be held weeks…

October 1, 2015

Perkins Expires

Despite efforts of Senators Tammy Balwin (D-WI) and Patty Murray (D-WA), the Senate was unable to take up the House-passed measure to extend the Perkins program. After the House moved quickly this week to extend Perkins loans and send a measure to the Senate, the two Senate champions attempted to have the Senate quickly consider…

September 30, 2015

House GOP Sets Leadership Elections

House Republicans will hold elections for new leaders on Oct 8 in a closed door session. It is expected to be a contentious meeting and election, with multiple candidates vying for each position as the House GOP conference struggles to maintain political strength after Speaker John Boehner’s surprise retirement announcement last week. Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is…

Shutdown Averted

Earlier this morning, the Senate passed a clean continuing resolution (CR) extending federal funding authority until December 11th. Last week, the Senate tried and failed to pass a CR which would prevent Planned Parenthood from receiving federal funds. The measure failed, which cleared the way for the clean CR. Just now, the House cleared, 277-151, a…

September 29, 2015

Power Scramble for House GOP

With Boehner’s retirement announcement, his position, and the power of Speaker, is now up for grabs. His successor — Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is considered the front-runner — may have just as much difficulty in pacifying conservative Republicans willing to hold important legislation hostage to their priorities. Some ambitious members already in leadership vying to move up the ladder,…

Senate Advances Clean CR

On Monday, the Senate took the first step toward approving a continuing resolution (CR) to fund federal government through December 11, 2015. They will take a final vote on the measure on Wednesday – the last day of the current fiscal year – and then send it to the House for consideration at before current…

September 28, 2015

Perkins Extension Passes House, Still In Danger

The House has passed by voice vote, HR 3594, a measure which would extend the Perkins program for a year until it may be fully considered with the impending Higher Education Act reauthorization, which is expected this fall and spring. The Perkins program would expire on September 30th without the extension. The Perkins program is…

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