FY11 Compromise or Government Shutdown?

Negotiations on the FY11 budget continued yesterday mostly through competing press conferences where Republicans and Democrats traded blame, with little indication of any movement toward a compromise.  The likelihood of government shutdown remains high as Democrats continued to argue that GOP leaders were refusing to compromise because they didn’t want to upset conservatives and tea… Read More

Congress Continues Work on FY11 Budget

Congress returns to work today for a three-week session where lawmakers face some difficult budget and spending decisions.  The most urgent task remains funding the government for the rest of FY11, with the latest continuing resolution (CR) set to expire in less than two weeks (April 8th). The current CR cut another $6 billion in… Read More

New CR Through April 8th

** UPDATE 3/17 ** This afternoon, the Senate voted 87-13 in favor of a three-week stopgap spending measure, or continuing resolution (CR), that would keep the federal government funded through April 8th.   The new CR includes $6 billion in cuts to the federal budget. Some conservative House Republicans had pledged to vote against the measure,… Read More

House Votes to Defund NPR

In a 228-192 vote, the House passed a bill today that will prohibit federal funding for National Public Radio. The vote, which fell mostly along party lines, came after a week-long strong push by the Republican party following the release of tapes by a conservative activist who secretly filmed NPR executives criticizing the Tea Party. The resolution also will… Read More

Congress Prepares Next Short-Term CR

Yesterday, the House Appropriations Committee revealed the details of the next short-term continuing resolution (CR), which would keep the federal government funded through April 8th.  The current CR expires on March 18th.  The new spending measure would cut another $6 billion below current levels.  The package would fulfill the Republican leadership’s commitment to cut $2 billion… Read More

Senate Votes Down Two FY11 Budget Proposals

The Senate today rejected alternative Republican and Democratic approaches to the long-term FY11 spending bill.  The House-passed HR 1, which would cut $57.5 billion from current FY11 funding, failed on a vote of 44-56; the Senate Democratic leadership plan, which would cut $4.7 billion from current funding, failed on a vote of 42-58.  Since neither… Read More

FY11 Debate Continues…

After approving another continuing resolution (CR) last week to run through March 18th, Congress must now get serious about how to fund the remaining six months of FY11, which has been operating roughly at FY10 levels since the start of the fiscal year on October 1, 2010.  The Republican controlled House and the Democratic controlled… Read More

Short-term FY11 Budget Extension Passed

**Update 3/2, the House and Senate have agreed to a two week extension (along the lines described below) temporarily avoiding a government shutdown at the end of the week.** Congress and the White House have five days to agree on a path forward on FY11 appropriations, given that the continuing resolution (CR) that is currently funding… Read More

House Passes Largely Symbolic FY11 Budget

Early Saturday morning, the House of Representatives passed a spending plan (H.R. 1) for the remainder of fiscal year 2011. The legislation would sharply reduce spending across the spectrum of government, including within research and student aid agencies. The measure passed despite unanimous Democratic opposition joined by three Republican votes against. The House vote sets… Read More

President Issues Veto Threat on House FY11 Budget

Yesterday, Preisident Obama issued a veto threat on the spending proposal (H.R. 1) that is advancing in the House to cut $100 billion from the FY11 request. As widely reported, H.R. 1 would result in severe reductions for nearly all agencies -including those that provide research and student aid support. The Statement of Administration Policy… Read More