Federal Relations

May 20, 2014

UW Professor to Present Disaster Bots to Obama

UW Professor Howard Chizek will present his team’s Smart Emergency Response System (SERS) to President Obama and senior White House officials on June 10th.

Chizek is participating in the Smart America Challenge hosted by the White House.  The audience will be White House staffers, cabinet members, and White House Press Corps. The UW team is one of about 4 teams presenting.  Short presentations will be about policy and impact of the projects.

On June 11, 2014, 24 teams with over 100 organizations will come together at the WashingtonDC Convention Center for a demonstration. This event is open to the public to see demonstrations and hear from speakers from the White House, various Government Agencies, and companies and universities from across America.

For more information about SERS. click here.