Federal Relations

March 12, 2013

Senate Releases FY 2013 Continuing Resolution

Senator Mikulski (D-MD), Senate Appropriations Chair, has released the Senate version of the continuing resolution for FY 2013. HHS and Education programs will continue to be funded at the FY 2012 levels minus the 5 percent cut as mandated by the March 1st OMB report and sequester order.

There are a few interesting sections in the bill that are of interest to us. First, the bill would provide a $71 million increase for NIH and requires an Institute of Medicine/National Research Council review of the National Children’s Study. Additionally, NSF would be funded at $7.25 billion, an increase of $221 million above the FY 2012 enacted level. This level will allow NSF to make about 550 more grants supporting 7,000 scientists, teachers, students, and technicians who make new discoveries leading to new products, new companies, and new jobs.

A full summary of the FY 2013 Senate Substitute CR is available on the Senate Appropriations Committee website.

The Senate is scheduled to take action on their version of the CR this week. The House passed their version last week. This will leave just one week before the Easter recess begins on March 22nd for House and Senate leaders to come to agreement on a final version.

The Office of Federal Relations is encouraged to see the small increases in NIH and NSF funding and will continue to advocate to investments in university research.