Federal Relations

March 7, 2013

House Approves CR for FY 2013

Yesterday the House approved a six-month continuing resolution (CR) to fund federal government past March 27th when the current CR expires. The bill would shift billions of dollars to military operations to help the Army and Navy cope with automatic spending cuts ordered by the sequester last week. The measure now moves to the Senate, where a bipartisan coalition hopes to expand on the package next week and give other Cabinet departments the same relief promised to the Pentagon. The Senate Democrat’s challenge will be to devise a package that can win enough GOP support to pass a bill. That makes it unlikely that they will be able to add one of the more controversial spending bills, the Labor-HHS-Education measure that funds NIH. They could however find enough bipartisan support to include some relief for Homeland, Commerce-Justice-Science, Agriculture, and Transportation-HUD.