Federal Relations

April 12, 2011

Final FY11 Details Emerge

UPDATE:  There is a lot of confusion on Capitol Hill today as we all try to determine actual cuts proposed in the FY11 continuing resolution (CR).  A list distributed by the House earlier today identified numerous programs for cuts but those programs ARE NOT identified in the actual legislation — so the House list is not accurate.  The Office of Federal Relations is working diligently to determine the actual cuts and impacts to UW.  In the meantime, please let me know if you are hearing about cuts to programs important to UW so that we can track down factual information.

The details of the FY11 spending bill were released early this morning, and in most cases, the targeted accounts are cut below FY10 levels.  The final measure provides $1.049 trillion in spending for FY11, a reduction of $39.9 billion from enacted FY10 levels.  About $12 billion of the cuts have already been enacted through the three most recent GOP-initiated CR extensions.  In addition to these cuts, each agency is directed to identify another 0.2% across the board cut to non-defense accounts.  Those reductions will be left to the agencies to determine.  The House is expected to vote on this bill on Thursday and the Senate will follow late Thursday night – before the current CR expires.

Here is a quick rundown of some of the programs we are tracking:

  • NSF is cut $53 million from FY10 (Research -$43 million, Education -$10 million)
  • NASA is cut $175 million from FY10 (Education -$38 million, Cross Agency Support $83 million, Construction/Environ Compliance -$54 million)
  • DOE Office of Science is cut $35 million
  • DOE EERE is cut $438 million
  • NEH is cut $13 million
  • NIH is cut only 0.8 percent reduction below the FY10 level, with the largest targeted cut ($50 million) coming  from Building and Facilities
  • SEOG is cut $20 million
  • TRIO is cut $25 million
  • GEAR UP is cut $20 million
  • FIPSE is cut $140 million
  • Int’l Ed and Foreign Language is cut $50 million

The bill also includes a full, detailed Defense spending bill funded at $5 billion more than FY10.   Spending cuts among the other agencies vary, with Homeland Security on the low end seeing a 2 percent cut in funding, and with Transportation-HUD being cut by 18 percent and Agriculture by 13 percent.  The bill preserves funding for AmeriCorps, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and job training state grants for Adults, Youth and Dislocated Workers — all of which would have been zeroed by Republicans.  It restores funding for the FDA so the agency can begin implementing the recently enacted Food Safety Modernization Act, and provides funding increases (although not as much as requested) for the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the Securities and Exchange Commission to begin carrying out their new duties under the financial system modernization law.  Republicans had proposed cutting funding for each of those agencies. The bill includes $18.5 billion for NASA and fully funds the newly authorized exploration program, but prohibits NOAA from establishing a Climate Service. 

Read more about the programs targeted for cuts.