Federal Relations

March 17, 2011

New CR Through April 8th

** UPDATE 3/17 **
This afternoon, the Senate voted 87-13 in favor of a three-week stopgap spending measure, or continuing resolution (CR), that would keep the federal government funded through April 8th.   The new CR includes $6 billion in cuts to the federal budget.

Some conservative House Republicans had pledged to vote against the measure, saying it does not make enough cuts and does not include social-issue riders some had wanted.  Fifty-four House Republicans ultimately voted against the bill – far more than the six who voted against the last CR – while 85 House Democrats helped to pass the measure.

It remains unclear whether Members will be able to negotiate a longer-term spending bill in the next three weeks.  So far, the White House, Senate Democrats and House GOP leaders have made little progress on a deal.

Washington delegation members voting for the CR:  Cantwell, Inslee, Herrera Beutler, Hastings, McMorris Rodgers, Dicks, Reichert, and Smith.

Washington delegation members voting against the CR: Murray, Larsen and McDermott