Federal Relations

December 15, 2010

UW Bothell Nursing Program on the Hill

UW Bothell with Jay Inslee

UW Bothell Nursing Program Director Dr. Mary Baroni (pictured front right) and  faculty member Dr. Suzanne Sikma (pictured back right) came to DC last week to attend and present at the Global Alliance for Leadership in Nursing Education and Science (GANES) conference. They were joined by program alumni Florentina Culiac (pictured center) and Gail McLean (pictured left) who also presented at the GANES conference. The UWB Nursing Program has benefited from significant federal support for student scholarships, primarily through the efforts of Congressman Jay Inslee (pictured) and Senator Patty Murray. The scholarships have enabled the training of nursing faculty resulting in increased educational opportunities for community college nursing students around the state, and ultimately increasing the number of practicing nurses.

The UWB contingent participated in meetings on Capitol Hill to thank the two offices for their support and to discuss the future of the program.