Federal Relations

November 4, 2010

Post-Election Legislative Agenda Uncertain

The mid-term congressional elections that took place on Tuesday, resulting in a Republican House majority and diminished Democratic Senate majority, will have a significant impact on issues of concern to the higher education community (FY11 appropriations, DREAM Act, COMPETES Act, tax policy) that were previously slated for consideration during the coming “lame-duck” session. The current Democratic leadership on Capitol Hill may decide, or be forced, to punt many legislative items to the new Congress. It is expected that the new Congress will increase efforts to constrain federal spending. How deeply those efforts impact research and student aid remains to be seen.

The Office of Federal Relations is gathering information on the likely leadership structure of the incoming 112th Congress, as well as on prospects for legislation of interest. A Federal Report will be produced and available on this website during the week of November 7th.