Federal Relations

September 22, 2010

DREAM Act Future Uncertain

The DREAM Act, which would provide a pathway to citizenship for children of undocumented immigrants who attend college or the military and was rolled into the Senate’s defense authorization bill, failed to pass a crucial vote yesterday.  Requiring 60 votes to pass, the motion failed by a vote of 56 to 43.   Because the motion did not pass, the Senate will not be debating the defense bill in the immediate future, which means that amendments such as the DREAM Act, will not be considered either.

It appears that the defense authorization bill did not pass solely because of the language of the bill but because Majority Leader Harry Reid limited amendments by Republicans which resulted in some moderate Republicans refusing to support the bill due to what they deemed an unfair voting process. Still, the chance that this bill will be reconsidered soon is very small and it’s future will be very much dependent on the outcome of the November elections.