Federal Relations

December 2, 2009

Congressional Schedule

The Senate is off to a slow start on debating their health reform measure this week, which may force the Senate to return to DC the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day to wrap up work on a the bill.

While no decisions have been made yet, Senate Leadership is warning members of the possibility of keeping the chamber in session the week of December 28th.  Senators have previously been told to prepare to work weekends up until Christmas to complete a health care bill, including this coming weekend. Senate Leadership has issued threats of Saturday work days and recess-time sessions in the past.  These warnings are typically used as leverage to try to forge legislative deals.

The House and Senate traditionally adjourn for the year sometime before Christmas and return sometime in the following year – usually the second or third week in January.

While they still don’t have a firm timeline for leaving DC for the year, House Leadership announced today that the House would reconvene January 12, 2010. The Senate has yet to announce next year’s schedule but the “district work periods” or recesses will likely mirror the House schedule.  Click here to view the 2010 House Calendar.