Federal Relations

November 16, 2009

This Week on Capitol Hill November 16-20

On the House & Senate Floors

The House votes Monday on a bill to increase oversight of the financial industry bailout program.  Later in the week, the House will vote on a number of small business bills and a bill to overhaul the Medicare physician pay formula (HR 3961).  The House may also take up the fiscal 2010 Commerce-Justice-Science spending bill.

The Senate will continue its consideration of the fiscal 2010 Military Construction–VA spending bill, with votes on amendments Monday and Tuesday.

Markups and Hearings

Tuesday and remainder of the week:  House Financial Services will mark up a draft bill regarding a federal office of insurance, and bills on overdraft protection (HR 3996 and HR 3904).


  • House Science and Technology will mark up HR 4061, a bill on cybersecurity.
  • Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions will mark up S 510, a bill on food safety.
  • House Natural Resources will mark up several natural resources bills.  
  • House Education and Labor will mark up HR 3017, an employment non-discrimination bill
  • House Oversight and Government Reform will mark up HR 2517, a bill to provide domestic partner benefits to federal employees.
  • House Armed Services hearing on long-term defense budget needs


  • Senate Judiciary will mark up legislation on a media shield law; a criminal justice review; medical bankruptcy (S 1624); emergency medical service providers (S1353); cigarette trafficking; crimes against the homeless; and juvenile justice and delinquency.
  • Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs marks up draft legislation that would overhaul the financial regulatory system.
  • Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs hearing on the Fort Hood shootings.
  • House Foreign Affairs hearing on lifting the Cuba travel ban.