Federal Relations

September 10, 2009

National Science Board Seeking Nominations for Public Service Recognition

The National Science Board (NSB) Public Service Award honors individuals who and groups that have made substantial contributions to increasing public understanding of science and engineering in the United States.  These contributions may be in a wide variety of areas that have the potential of contributing to public understanding of and appreciation for science and engineering – including mass media, education and/or training programs, entertainment, etc.

The NSB Public Service Award is given to one individual and one group recipient in May of each year.  Past recipients include: NUMB3RS, the CBS television drama series; Ira Flatow, Host and Executive Producer of NPR’s “Science Friday”; Alfred P. Sloan Foundation; Bill Nye The Science Guy; and NOVA, the PBS television series.

For nomination instructions, please visit http://www.nsf.gov/nsb/awards/public.jsp.  All inquiries about the award or nomination procedures should be directed to Jennifer Richards, National Science Foundation (jlrichar@nsf.gov).

Deadline: November 4, 2009