Federal Relations

August 3, 2009

NSF Seeks Review Panelists

The National Science Foundation Academic Research Infrastructure -Recovery and Reinvestment (AR-R2) is seeking reviewers for their upcoming panels to review proposals for this program.  The announcement from NSF follows.

National Science Foundation
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA)
Academic Research Infrastructure – Recovery and Reinvestment (ARI-R2)

July 31, 2009

Dear Colleagues

The National Science Foundation is requesting merit review expertise in the Academic Research Infrastructure – Recover and Reinvestment (ARI-R2) program (http://www.nsf.gov/pubs/2009/nsf09562/nsf09562.pdf). This program is supported by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). 

ARI-R² is designed to support 21st century research and research training infrastructure in our Nation’s academic institutions and non-profit research organizations, such as research museums, research laboratories, and research consortia. ARI-R² will revitalize existing research facilities so that they provide next-generation research infrastructure and facilitate the integration of researchers with shared resources such as remote instruments and research platforms, data repositories, and national computing facilities. Research facilities are shared space where sponsored and/or unsponsored research activities and research training take place. They may be “bricks and mortar,” mobile or virtual research space.

The National Science Foundation is in need of expertise in a wide range of fields to evaluate the proposals submitted to this competition. NSF is in need of reviewers in three broad categories: a) expertise in a scientific, engineering or architecture field, b) experience in managing large facilities and centers, or c) expertise in computer networking; it is not expected that individuals will have competence in all categories. The merit review panels for this activity will be held during three weeks in October, 2009. Each panelist will be asked to commit up to 3 days to serve on a panel at NSF headquarters in Arlington, VA.  Travel expenses, per diem and an honorarium will be provided for your services.

If you have an interest in participating in the merit review process of this important program and have the time to serve on a panel in October, 2009, please go to

and complete and submit the short form indicating your field of expertise and availability.

Thank you for contributing your time and attention to this critical program in the revitalization of United States research resources.