Federal Relations

May 16, 2009

Senator Murray Advances UW FY10 Projects

Senator Patty Murray has advanced University of Washington fiscal year 2010 appropriations requests along with requests from a number of institutions in the state of Washington. The development is important, but not the final step in securing support for the projects selected. The FY10 appropriations process will play out over the course of the summer and likely the early fall.

FY2010 UW Projects Advanced by Senator Murray

Project Title:  Institute for Simulation and Inter-Professional Studies (ISIS)
Recipient:       University of Washington
Amount:         $6,380,000
Location:        Seattle, WA

Purpose: This funding would enhance medical simulation technologies and expand health care skills training through a collaboration between Madigan Army Medical Center at Fort Lewis, University of Washington and other regional Universities.

Importance: This would improve the quality of medical education for Army and civilian health care providers and thereby enhance health care and safety for servicemembers and civilians.

Project Title:  Puget Sound Ecosystem Research Initiative
Recipient:       University of Washington
Amount:         $2,130,000
Location:        Seattle, WA

Purpose:  This funding would be used toward creation of the Puget Sound Ecosystem Research Initiative, which would provide a forum for top research scientists to contribute to and engage in the work of the Puget Sound Partnership.

Importance:  This Initiative would advance the work of the Puget Sound Partnership to restore and protect the Puget Sound ecosystem and ensure implementation of the Partnership’s Action Agenda, which would allow for continued efforts to clean up Puget Sound and protect economic development in the area.

Project Title:  University of Washington Bothell Nursing Faculty Consortium Training Program
Recipient:       University of Washington
Amount:         $500,000
Location:        Bothell, Washington

Purpose:  This money will support the expansion of the University of Washington Bothell’s nursing program to encompass several additional community and technical colleges.

Importance:  The University of Washington Bothell Nursing Consortium project is aimed at addressing the increased need for nurses by increasing the number of master’s prepared nursing faculty available to teach in Washington’s community and technical colleges. This will be accomplished through the development of a consortium of associate degree nursing programs.

Project Title: University of Washington Integrated Transportation Lab and Research Program – WA
Recipient: University of Washington
Amount: $2,000,000
Location: Seattle, WA

Purpose: This provides start-up funding for a research program at the University of Washington that would provide an integrated facility to enhance research addressing transportation problems and solutions for the future.
Importance: Developing a dedicated research lab and program to address future transportation needs will augment access to the most up-to-date and relevant research to policy makers and industry professionals as decisions regarding congestion relief, safety, transit development and freight mobility are being made.

Project Title: Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center
Recipient: University of Washington, Oregon State University
Amount: $5,000,000

Location: Seattle, Washington and Corvallis, Oregon

 Purpose: Using this funding, the University of Washington and its partners would continue research on tidal energy, which has the potential to be a carbon-neutral power source. 

Importance: This project would help to determine the potential of a power source that could be predictable and reliable and help to diversify the country’s energy portfolio.

Project Title: Washington State Biofuels Industry Development
Recipient: University of Washington
Amount: $1,000,000

Location: Seattle, Washington

Purpose: The University of Washington would utilize this funding to create processes to convert biomass sources into transportation fuels.

Importance: This project would explore the potential to diversify our country’s energy portfolio, slow global warming by decreasing carbon emissions, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil sources.