Federal Relations

March 27, 2009

FY10 Budget Resolution Moves Forward

Yesterday, the Senate Budget Committee approved its FY10 budget resolution following similar action in the House the day before.  The White House Budget Director applauded House and Senate committee approval of their budgets, noting they include the administration’s top priorities.   Both the House and Senate will take floor action on their proposals sometime next week.  Unlike the version approved by the House Budget panel on Wednesday, the Senate resolution includes no reconciliation instructions for legislation to implement Obama’s health and education policies. Such provisions would allow those bills to move without the threat of a Senate filibuster.  The decision of whether to include reconciliation will be made in April during a House-Senate conference on the budget.  Democrats are hopeful bipartisan support can be found for an overhaul of the health care system, but many want reconciliation as a backup to move a bill if negotiations break down.