Federal Relations

February 9, 2009

Fiscal Year 2010 Federal Agenda

Amount Funding Mechanism Appropriations Bill and Account
Institute for Simulation and Interprofessional Studies (ISIS) Supports the development of new methods for deployment training and reset training of soldiers in the Madigan Army Medical Center Warrior Transition Unit, as well as reintegration training of physicians and civilian reservists in the Pacific Northwest; skills training through simulation; and research of how to leverage the power of distributed training and treatment over the Internet. $6.38 million Directed Appropriation Defense – USAMRMC
Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) Supports the construction of a networked infrastructure of science-driven sensor systems to measure the physical, chemical, geological and biological variables in the ocean and seafloor. Greater knowledge of these variables is vital for improved detection and forecasting of environmental changes and their effects on biodiversity, coastal ecosystems and climate. $130 million (for the OOI component of the MREFC account) Programmatic Commerce/Justice
/Science – NSF Major Research Equipment Facilities Construction (MREFC) Account
Puget Sound Ecosystem Research Initiative (PSERI) Supports the integration of scientific data and information in the implementation of the Puget Sound Partnership Action Agenda for the protection and restoration of the Puget Sound. $2.13 million Directed Appropriation Interior/EPA – Environmental Programs and Management
Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center Supports the NW Center, an Oregon State University/University of Washington partnership. OSU will direct the NW Center and focus its efforts on applied research for wave energy. UW will focus on research specific to tidal energy. The two Universities will leverage their expertise and experience to accelerate the development of ocean energy. The NW Center will work directly with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. $5 million ($1.2 million to UW) Directed Appropriation Energy/Water – Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Projects
House of Knowledge Supports a multi-service learning and gathering space for Native American students, faculty and staff, and others of various cultures and communities to come together in a supporting and welcoming educational environment to share their knowledge and their cultures. Requested funding will support design. $1 million Directed Appropriation Transportation/HUD – Economic Development Initiative
Integrated Transportation Lab and Research Program Supports research initiatives for green roads sustainability rating system; power roads system of using transportation infrastructure to generate electricity; rapid construction techniques; freight forecasting; simulation and visualization of traffic operations; and improved safety for non-motorized and motorized travel. $2 million Directed Appropriation Transportation/HUD – STP or TCSP
UW Bothell Nursing Faculty Consortium Training Program Supports the final phase of a three-year project designed to increase the number of master’s-prepared nursing faculty available to teach in Washington state higher education facilities, increasing the quantity and quality of practicing nurses. $500,000 Directed Appropriation Labor/HHS/ Education – FIPSE, or HRSA
Washington State Biofuels Industry Development Supports the provision of critical equipment for converting Washington state mixed biomass sources into transportation fuels. $1 million Directed Appropriation Energy/Water – Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Projects
Center of Excellence in Prevention, Diagnosis, Mitigation, Treatment, and Rehabilitation of Hearing Loss and Auditory System Injuries Supports focused research on the prevention of hearing loss and other inner ear diseases due to combat exposures and aging. Enormous progress can be achieved in a relatively short time by investing resources on biological approaches toward prevention and regeneration. $45 million Programmatic Defense – Army
Federal Agency Funding Level Recommendations In addition to the specific projects and programs mentioned above, the UW will make funding recommendations for agencies of particular significance, which include: USDA Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Services; NOAA; NSF; DoD RDT&E; DoE Office of Science; DHS S&T Directorate; EPA, DoA State and Private Forestry, USGS Survey Research, NEA, NEH, DoEd., HRSA, NIH, and VA Medicine. Given the delayed release of a full PBR, the UW will make recommendations by spring 2009. TBD Programmatic Various