William Talbott: Distinguished Teaching Award

By Vince Stricherz

June 1, 2012

William Talbott didn’t begin his UW career 22 years ago knowing how to be a good teacher. In his first lecture class, he found himself standing in front of his students and talking, similar to his own student experience. He got little reaction. “At the end of the class, I was very dissatisfied,” he recalled….

Ann Buscherfeld: Distinguished Staff Award

By Vince Stricherz

June 1, 2011

As department administrator in political science, it’s no surprise that Ann Buscherfeld is responsible for the budget. In fact she has responsibility for more than 100 budgets, some 70 of them just within the department, when all of its programs and centers are considered. That means keeping straight which money can be used for which…