Jonathan Mercer: Distinguished Teaching Award

By Catherine O'Donnell

June 1, 2012

If you walk with Jonathan Mercer, be prepared to pick up your feet. He walks fast. He also thinks and talks fast — and students like it a lot. An associate professor in the Department of Political Science, Mercer has won a Distinguished Teaching award. He specializes in international relations, doing what the best diplomats…

Andrew Cockrell: Excellence in Teaching award

By Catherine O'Donnell

When teaching assistant Andrew Cockrell works with students, he leans forward at his desk, listening intently, focused on whoever has the floor. He smiles, he jokes, but he also keeps himself and his students on task. Cockrell pushes the undergraduates he teaches. He also pushes himself — hard. For his work as a teaching assistant,…

Lance Bennett: University Faculty Lecturer

By Catherine O'Donnell

June 1, 2011

Several times a year, a network of Seattle residents gathers for lectures on current political issues. Meanwhile, young people gather at Puget SoundOff, an online community that explores social and political issues. In Europe, the UW professor behind both projects is researching issue networks that engage citizens transnationally. He wants to know what will foster…