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Dispute Resolution

All University faculty have rights and responsibilities that are protected under the University Handbook, which includes the Faculty Code. Faculty who are concerned about possible injustices or mistreatment have many options at their disposal. The two links below contain detailed guides to those options:

A Faculty Guide to Dispute Resolution at the UW
Summary Table of Dispute Resolution Options

University Ombud

The Office of the University Ombud is a resource for faculty, staff, and students for a variety of support needs including mediation and planning. Their annual report can be found here.


Especially if the aggrieving action may violate the Faculty Code, it is appropriate to contact the Secretary of the Faculty for information about the adjudication process set forth in Chapter 28 of the Faculty Code.

Chapter 28 mandates the appointment of an Adjudication Panel, a broad-based peer group whose members hear grievances and recommend remedies. The Chair of this Panel reports annually on the work of the Panel. Current members of the Adjudication Panel, and the Panel's annual reports, are as follows:

Adjudication Panel Annual Report 2012-2013
Adjudication Panel Annual Report 2011-2012
Adjudication Panel Annual Report 2010-2011
Adjudication Panel Annual Report 2009-2010
Adjudication Panel Annual Report 2008-2009
Adjudication Panel Annual Report 2007-2008
Adjudication Panel Annual Report 2006-2007

Adjudication Panel Members 2013-14

Andrews, Thomas R, School of Law (Chair)
Adam, Margaret, School of Medicine
Christie, Rich, College of Engineering
Demiris, George, School of Nursing
Edwards, Jolynn, UW Bothell Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences
Emery, Ashley, College of Engineering
Hague, Chris, School of Medicine
Herring, Susan, School of Dentistry
Jain, Shailendra, Foster School of Business School
Janes, Joe, The Information School
Jones, Zane, College of Arts and Sciences
Klawitter, Marieka, Evans School of Public Affairs
Krohn, Kenneth, School of Medicine
Kunze, Kent, School of Pharmacy
Lazzari, Marcie, UW Tacoma Social Work
Lin, Edward, School of Medicine
Mc Duff, Russell, College of the Environment
Morrison, Diane, School of Social Work
Pfaff, Steven, College of Arts & Sciences
Simpson, Terr, School of Nursing
Stenkamp, Ronald, School of Medicine
Stygall, Gail, English
Vaughn, Lea, School of Law
Vogt, Kristiina, College of the Environment
Way, Thaisa, College of Built Environments
Webb, Sara Jane, School of Medicine

Adjudication Documents

Notice of Request for Adjudication
Adjudication Timeline