Faculty Senate & Governance

Chair’s message

George Sandison, Faculty Senate Chair

George Sandison, Faculty Senate Chair

Welcome to University of Washington (UW) Faculty Senate web pages. The senate and its leadership are here to serve and represent all faculty employed by the University of Washington. The senate and its leadership act in shared governance of this university with President Ana Mari Cauce, Provost Mark Richards and other executive administrators.

I am honored to be serving as the Faculty Senate Chair for the coming year supported by the close collaboration of an outstanding team of faculty experienced in various leadership roles. This team comprises Vice-Chair Joe Janes, Past-Chair Thaisa Way, Secretary of the Faculty Mike Townsend, Faculty Legislative Representative JoAnn Taricani, Deputy Faculty Legislative Representative Chis Laws and the Chairs of our 11 Faculty Councils. Shared governance and the fulfillment of the missions of the university is guided by our faculty values and the service excellence of our faculty.

As your faculty senate leadership team we strongly encourage interested new faculty on all three campuses to become involved in the governance of our university early in their careers. It is a rewarding service that broadens insight on the complexities and needs of our large public institution. It is also a friendly and efficient way to dramatically increase networking and connections with other faculty. If you have an interest in shared governance service it is easy to participate, even in small ways, and there is always the possibility of running for a senate position or, more locally, a seat on the Elected Faculty Council for your unit. Feel free to contact your faculty senator representative or any faculty senate leader to express your interest. The Faculty Senate Office is on the basement level of Gerberding Hall, Seattle campus.

Please take time to familiarize yourself with the faculty senate governance structure on these web pages and visit often to read the minutes of the Faculty Senate meetings. It will ensure you are up to date with the latest governance issues and progress. Alternatively, you are encouraged to ask your senator to provide an update on senate activities at every departmental faculty meeting.

The University of Washington can only strive to reach the next level of excellence by collective effort of its faculty, staff and students, and the setting of goals and priorities for that effort. Let us work for you by helping set those goals and priorities that are aspirational and most important to you!

George Sandison, Faculty Senate Chair