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Tri-campus Steering Committee Notes
March 26th Meeting
Undergraduate Education Conference Room

Two handouts were distributed: Kim Johnson-Bogart's presentation of external forces affecting the development of the newer campuses and Robert Corbett's summary of university systems. A history and timeline of Tacoma's development had been distributed by email earlier. Ross Heath said a history of the relationship between Bothell and Tacoma and Seattle should be created.

Corbett was asked to gather information on how the UC admits and graduates students, since it wasn't clear if these processes were done by each campus or the university as a whole. The same information was also requested for Arizona State, LSU, Connecticut and Florida. Jack Meszaros asked the group what questions did the committee want to ask universities as they tried to "drill down" into how they worked.

Heath indicated that the main work of the meeting was to further define attributes of particular systems to focus further research. Sue Hegyvary asked what the document itself would look like. Meszaros asked the committee to consider how the tri-campus relationship makes the UW, as a whole, stronger.

Questions arose regarding the UW mission statement and whether or not there is one uniform statement for the entire UW. Do Bothell and Tacoma simply duplicate the mission of Seattle or does each campus develop their own programs? It was noted that these need not exclude one another.

It was noted the importance for the committee to articulate their assumptions, so as to get agreement with the Regents. This would create a "backdrop" for the work of the committee.

Fred Campbell said that, for the HECB and the state, our mission is to produce (more) bachelor degrees and specific types of degrees. The problem of the growing need for undergraduate degrees is the "elephant in the room," (especially with a legislature not willing in general to spend extra money on new enrollments, let alone funding current ones at the rate of peers.)

Hegvary outlined a structure for the report to the Regents. 1) The UW in relation to the state. 2) UW mission. 3) Considering mission, what is the best organization. 4) What values, what is optimized by particular options.

In response to Meszaros' question about how the three-campus system makes the UW stronger, the committee took time to define benefits individually, and later challenges. From this activity came lists of benefits and challenges. (These lists are available separate from the meeting summary.)

A key part of defining the university's mission is the state's two goals: 1) degree production; and 2) economic development.

It was noted that Bothell and Tacoma were always assumed to be laboratories for new approaches to higher education, either for themselves or for the benefit of the entire university. It was also noted that they have a different research paradigm that is grounded in the community and is applied.

Thus, Bothell and Tacoma perform the UW mission (research, teaching, service) but with different targets. The questions to ask about a new structure is what other systems do this; and which systems optimize this. The caveat is that this should be for the near term.

The committee noted that the mission statement should not necessarily organize the document, but it would need to speak to goals of serving the region, state, globally-be prepared to adapt.

Heath spoke of the NSF philosophy that since the future cannot be predicted ten years out, many efforts have to be supported. Meszaros noted that flexibility is in conflict with efficiency.

The communication process was discussed. It was decided that discussions with campuses should be mixed so it's not Seattle talking to Tacoma and vice-versa. It was decided that talking to legislators should be left up to Randy Hodgins, the new Director of State Relations. The committee decided that it should also talk to HECB and the governor's staff. Student input should be coordinated on a campus by campus basis. Meszaros said she would coordinate for Bothell, but the individual campuses student governments probably could help.

Committee notes and summary by Robert Corbett.