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Tri-campus Steering Committee Notes
February 18th Meeting
142 Gerberding

Douglas Wadden explained the reason for the convening of the task force: 1) the accreditation reports concerns about the Three-Campus University; 2) questions arising from the Presidential search about the structure; 3) opportunity to present a new President with proposals.

It was determined that the assignment of the Task Force was to discover the questions that need to be asked, and what were the possible answers with regard to the Tacoma and Bothell campuses. However, the Task Force would not make policy recommendations, nor prioritize options. Its work will be the beginning of series of tasks. An additional assignment will be to educate the Seattle campus.

At this meeting, the committee planned to convene two meetings of a Task Force of about 60-70 people, first in a half-day meeting, and then in a day and half retreat. [At the February 20th meeting of the Academic and Student Affairs Committee of the Board of Regents, this schedule was changed so that the full Task Force will meet twice in the fall.] The work of the Steering Committee will be to create a working paper to guide the discussion of the larger Task Force. That working paper will give necessary background on the development of the Bothell and Tacoma campuses. In addition, the paper will lay out "ideal-types" of university systems/relations between campuses, as well as selected examples from other states. Also, it will present a grid that will document how various parts of the University are governed/managed under these various systems. Both the ideal-types and the grid will be presented in the form of bullet points rather than narrative, since the object of the working paper is to start discussion rather than end it.

Since the main task of the Steering Committee is to focus what information is needed, it was suggested that "Hall of Fame" faculty--i.e. those who know about tri-campus issues and have shown engagement--should be consulted first. It was also suggested that staff who deal with tri-campus issues (Tim Washburn, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Services; Dave Szatmary, Vice Provost for Educational Outreach) should address the committee.

The committee agreed to meet for a day-long meeting in the near future to brainstorm further what the work of the Task Force would look like.