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1956 Accord

The following accord, signed by President Schmitz and the 1956 Faculty Senate leadership, affirmed the ideals of shared governance at the University of Washington and was instrumental in restoring trust between the University faculty and the administration:

"A university is a community of scholars contributing, each according to his own talents and interests, to the transmission and advancement of knowledge. Because of its diversity of interests a university is a complex organization, not quite like any other in its management, which requires the understanding and good faith of people dedicated to a common purpose. A university administration must seek wisely and diligently to advance the common effort, and the strength of a university is greatest when its faculty and administration join for the advancement of common objectives. Much of the faculty-administration relationship has been established through long experience, and has the weight and good sense of academic form and tradition. But the terms of this relationship are essentially those of spirit, mutual respect, and good faith, and thus must be flexible to meet changing needs. Some of the traditions of the University of Washington are given expression in the pages that follow. Yet these and other common understandings have meaning only to the extent that they reflect the integrity and faith of administration and faculty in the day by day accomplishment of their joint effort."

Carl Allendoerfer
Alfred Harsch
William S. Hopkins
Brents Stirling
E. Roscoe Wilcox, on behalf of the faculty

Henry Schmitz President,on behalf of the administration