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Resolution on Diversity

  • A Resolution Addressing Faculty Demographics. In 2012 the Faculty Senate unanimously endorsed that all units and departments “make an effort to evaluate and discuss faculty demographics during this academic year.” [11-29-12]

Faculty Demographic Presentations to Faculty Senate [05-15-14]

UW Data/Statistics on Faculty Diversity

UW Reports and Findings

  • Baseline Report for the FCWA Career Cycle of Female Faculty Project. Conducted by the Faculty Council on Women in Academia which explorers the career trajectory of UW women faculty. [11-29-09]
  • Report on the FCWA Survey of UW Faculty Careers and Workload. Conducted by the Faculty Council on Women in Academia which explores the experiences and level of satisfaction of UW faculty related to teaching, service, mentoring, flexible policy options, and career advancement, with particular attention to differences by gender or rank. [Fall 2009]
  • 2009 Report on Women. Continuation of the 2007 Report on Women which was developed and authored by the President’s Advisory Committee on Women at the University of Washington (PACW).
  • 2007 Report on Women. Report by the President’s Advisory Committee on Women at the University of Washington (PACW).
  • Faculty Salary Study. Conducted by UW Equal Opportunity Office requested by Steven Olswang (Vice Provost) and Helen Remick (Assistant Provost for Equal Opportunity). [June 1997]


UW Office of Faculty Advancement

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National Statistics:

Faculty Councils

Visit the UW Faculty Councils webpage to find a University Faculty Council. Current issues and activities for each council, updated for each Faculty Senate meeting, are available here.

Salary Policy Working Group

Working Group Charge Letter — March, 2012
The Chronicle Faculty Salary Tool — June 2012

Intellectual Property

Legislative Issues

  • LEAP (Legislative Evaluation & Accountability Program Committee); fiscal information for developing state budgets.
  • OPB Issue Briefs. Link to the Office of Planning & Budgeting webpage that regularly produces briefing documents covering higher education policy, state budget and statutory obligations, UW policy, and national higher education trends.

UW Initiatives — 2014

Two Years to Two Decades
Sustainable Academic Business Plan
Organizational Effectiveness
Program Evaluation
Final ABB Report and Decision Summaries

Revisions to EO64:  2010—2011

Please note these postings are in chronological order.

Original Executive Order 64
Executive Order 29
Senate's Response to a Proposal to Partially Suspend Executive Order 64
President's Proposal for Partial Extension of EO29
Faculty Senate Resolution in Response to President's EO 29 Proposal
President's Proposed Revisions to EO64
Faculty Senate Resolution in Response to President's EO64 Proposal
SCPB Faculty Consensus on Proposed Revision of EO64
Faculty Senate's Official Response to President's EO64 Proposal
President's final changes to EO64
Comparative document for President's final changes to EO64 Senate Chair's Transmission to Faculty
July 2010 Regents Meeting Remarks
Faculty Senate Resolution Concerning Repairing Shared Governance and the Faculty Salary Policy

Understanding the RCEP Process

Guiding Principles: 04-27-11
Frequently Asked Questions: 04-27-11
Flowcharts: 04-27-11