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Senate Executive Committee

The SEC sets Faculty Senate agendas, helps the Senate conduct business per the Faculty Code, and facilitates communication between the President and the faculty. SEC coordinates with the UW Faculty Councils, recommends Faculty Senate actions, nominates Council and committee members, and responds to the concerns of voting faculty members.

Composition of the Executive Committee

[Faculty Code Sections 22-60 to 22-68]Printable Roster

Voting Members:
Jack Lee, Faculty Senate Chair
Kate O'Neill, Faculty Senate Vice Chair
Jim Gregory, Chair, Senate Committee on Planning and Budgeting
Michael K. Young, President of the University
Kari Lerum , Chair, UW Bothell Faculty Organization
Jill Purdy, Chair, UW Tacoma Faculty Assembly
Three Council Chairs
Gordon Watts, Chair, Faculty Council on Faculty Affairs
Brett Rubio, Chair, Faculty Council on Multicultural Affairs
Craig Allen, Chair, Faculty Council on Teaching and Learning
Eight elected members of the Faculty Senate
Leah Ceccarelli, Arts and Sciences
Leroy Searle, Arts and Sciences
Gail Joseph, Education
Duane Storti, Engineering
Rob Wood, Environment
Eric Stern, Medicine
Tueng Shen, Medicine
Susan Astley, Public Health
Ex-officio members without vote:
Marcia Killien, Secretary of the Faculty
Jim Fridley, Faculty Legislative Representative
JoAnn Taricani, Deputy Faculty Legislative Representative
Ana Mari Cauce, Provost and Executive Vice President
Michael Kutz, President, ASUW
Christopher Lizotte, President, GPSS