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Special Committee on
Intellectual Property and Commercialization

Members Issues Minutes/ Reports Meeting Dates

Current issues and activities for each council, updated for each Faculty Senate meeting, are available here.

Issue 1: Revision of the Request for Approval of Outside Professional Work for Compensation Form.

  1. Establishment of Work Group to help revise form
  2. Current Version of form (Rev. Oct. 2011)
  3. Work Group draft for SCIPC review (Nov. 2012)
  4. Recommendation to remove IP language from Nov. 2012 form
  5. Work group draft with IP language removed (Jan. 2013)

Issue 2: IPMAC/C4C proposed new IP Agreement Form and revisions to IP policy (EO 36)

  1. Proposed draft of new IP Agreement Form (Feb 2013)
  2. Proposed revisions to EO 36 (Feb 2013)
  3. SCIPCís questions/concerns about proposed IP policy changes
  4. Proposed draft of new IP Agreement Form (Apr 2013)
  5. SCIPC reviewed IP policies at peer institutions (summer 2013)
  6. FY14 Goals for Improving UW IP Policies (Oct 2013)

Additional Resources:

  1. Present Assignment Language an Academic Freedom
  2. FY14 Goals for Improving UW IP Policies
  3. Administrative Policy Statement 59.4
  4. EO 36: Patent, Invention, Copyright Policy (UW)
  5. EO 57: Outside Professional Work Policy (UW)
  6. Managing University IP in the Public Interest
    (Natíl Academies, 2010)
  7. WA Senate Bill 5247 (2013-14): Regarding assignment of IP rights at institutions of higher education
  8. Bayh-Dole Act and Stanford v Roche (2012)
  9. IPMAC Charge Letter - 2012 (UW)
  10. SCIPC Charge Letter - 2012 (UW)
  11. Questions from SCIPC to IPMAC 2013
  12. AAUP Recommended Principles & Practices to Guide Academy-Industry Relationships (2012)
  13. "Defending the Freedom to Innovate: Faculty Intellectual Property (IP) Rights After Stanford v. Roche." AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITY PROFESSORS ó draft report for comment
  14. AAUP Statement of Copyright (1999)
  15. Bayh-Dole Act
  16. Stanford vs Roche Supreme Court Ruling
  17. Legal Context of University Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer (2010)
  18. New Approach to IP at Penn State (2012)
  19. The Real Issue Behind Standford v. Roche: Faculty Conceptions of University Assignment Policies Stemming from the 1947 Biddle Report (2013)