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Academic Standards

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Current issues and activities for each council, updated for each Faculty Senate meeting, are available here.

Procedures for Changes to Undergraduate Programs

Form 1503 - Create/Change Undergraduate Academic Programs
Information about when and how to use form 1503
Guidelines for New and Online Major and Degree Proposals
Guidelines for Admission Requirements to Undergraduate Programs

Academic Standards Policies

Policy on Satisfactory Progress
Policy on Options
Policy on Competitive Minors
Policy on Equivalent Courses
Policy on Limited Waiver for Statway Curricula
Policy on English Language Proficiency for International Undergraduate Admission
Policy on Minors
Policy Relative to Student Completion of English Language Proficiency Requirement
Revised Admission Policy for Student Athletes
English Language Proficiency Screening Requirement
Program-Based Grade Requirements
Differential Admissions Policies

Academic Standards Issues

Guidelines on AP and IB Credits
Guidelines for Interdisciplinary Minors
FCTCP Report: Cross Campus Enrollment Evaluation (2011)