Emergency Maintenance Requests

If you are unsure what to do or Whom to call: (206) 685-5650.

Normal Business Hours

If you detect an emergency of any kind, please report it:

  • Fire or Smoke - Please see what to do in case of fire
  • Water - Flooding should be immediately reported to Security at (206) 685-5650 and they will dispatch an engineer
  • Loud, Continuing Noise - Call UW Tower Security
  • Unusual Behavior or Violence - Call the UW Police Department at 9-1-1

Outside of Normal Business Hours

After hours, weekends and holidays, call Facilities Services at (206) 685-1411. Your call will be routed to the UW Police Department, who in turn will summon a Facilities Operations Maintenance Specialist (FOMS).

Emergency Preparedness

For more general information about emergency preparedness, contact the UW Office of Emergency Management.