UW Tower Green Team

Welcome to the UW Tower Green Team page!

The Green Team is a project of UW Educational Outreach, which welcomes membership from all units within the UW Tower. Troy Swanson and the facilities staff are enthusiastic supporters of the team, and have taken on an important role in support of our efforts.

Green Bag and Film

On April 22 at 12:00pm, the UW Tower Green Team is sponsoring a Green Bag lunch in the Visitors’ Dining Room at which we will be showing the film “Edible City.” All are welcome. For more information about the film, please see http://ediblecitythemovie.com/

Come get involved with greening the Tower! The UW Tower Green Team has the following sub-committees:

The Food Cycle Subcommittee addresses a number of issues including composting, and the importance of eating locally. This team is responsible for bringing a CSA delivery by Full Circle Farm to the UW Tower. For further information, contact Subcommittee Chair Syd Fredrickson: sydf@uw.edu

The Patio Demonstration Garden Subcommittee is replanting the ivy-filled patio containers in the area of the fountain. These gardens are designed to showcase native, medicinal and food plants and herbs, specifically with an eye to low maintenance and low resource consumption. For further information, contact Subcommittee Chair Cheryl Wheeler: cwheeler@pce.uw.edu

The Plastics Use Subcommittee advocates for reduction of the use of plastic packaging, recycling of plastic film, and reuse of plastic bottle caps. For further information, contact Subcommittee Chair Bethany Staelens: bstaelens@pce.uw.edu

The Paper Use Subcommittee advocates and researches methods for the reduction of paper use. The committee has developed guidelines to help address paper-use issues, which it will happily share with interested parties. For further information, contact Subcommittee Chair Dave McCone: dmccone@pce.uw.edu

The Transportation Alternatives Subcommittee works to give every UW Tower employee irresistibly attractive choices in how they get to work, whether it be by bike, foot or transit. For further information, contact Subcommittee Chair Bob Edmiston: bobedm@uw.edu

Membership on the Green Team is open to anyone in the UW Tower.

The Green Team doesn’t hold regular meetings, choosing only to meet when there is a project to tackle. If you would like to get involved with our works, please email greenteam@pce.uw.edu. The subcommittees’ meetings are scheduled by their chairs. All work of the subcommittees is done on a volunteer basis.

For other inquiries, contact Bethany Staelens at bstaelens@pce.uw.edu