Interested in taking the NightRide Shuttle?

Here’s our guide to a safe and smooth trip:

  1. Head to your nearest NightRide shuttle stop
    Building Location
    West Zone
    UW Tower West side of 12th Ave. NE, halfway between NE 43rd St. and NE 45th St.
    Alder Hall South side of NE Campus Parkway at Metro bus stop, just outside of the District Market.

    East Zone
    IMA IMA front entrance (wait outside, in front of the IMA, near the E98 parking lot).
    Communications Building West side of Stevens Way at Metro bus stop.
    HUB - Husky Student Union Building West side of Stevens Way at Metro bus stop.
    Garfield Lane North side of Stevens Way at bus turnout.
    Meany Hall North side of Stevens Way at Metro bus stop.
    Flagpole East side of Memorial Way at bus shelter.
  2. A shuttle will come by to pick you up within 20 minutes; 30 minutes after midnight.
  3. Make sure that your destination is within one of the two shuttle zones, then make sure that you board the appropriate shuttle.
    • For example, if heading to Poplar Hall, make sure you board the west zone shuttle; if heading to a fraternity or sorority house, board the east zone shuttle.
    • After midnight, the NightRide shuttle serves both the east and west zones.
  4. When boarding, tell the driver where you would like to be dropped off.
    • Some drivers prefer exact street addresses, others prefer intersections/cross streets and will ask for more directions once at the intersection.
    • If you decide to deboard the shuttle at a location other than what you told the driver, be sure to let him or her know so that they don’t have to continue driving to your destination.
  5. Show the driver your Husky Card (U-PASS) if asked.
  6. Ride the shuttle and be respectful of the driver and other passengers.

Check out our FAQs if you have more questions about NightRide! You can always contact us at or at 206-685-3146 between 7:30 a.m. and 4 p.m.